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Real Bubbles, Underwater Donut Kisses - humbug - 12-17-2009

Just for fun, something to try out, since our Dolphin friends feature so prominently in our community.

Quote:Dolphins and certain whales are known to blow bubble rings. Two ways of creating such rings have been reported: one way is by letting a ring out of their blow hole, the other by creating a water vortex ring and blowing air in the vortex ring.

[Image: dolphinring06.gif]

"He only thinks of blood and slaughter,
The shark should live on land not water.
To hell with the shark and all his kin,
And fight like hell when you see his fin!"

A poem by Howard the Dolphin
- Illuminatus! Trilogy, p.124, Shea & Wilson

RE: Real Bubbles, Underwater Donut Kisses - FastTadpole - 12-17-2009

Cute cuddly and intelligent - what's not to love about them. I even still have a Flipper DVD that I got (for my kids .. really). The US military is confirmed to be using them for covert spy operations, scouting for mines and some are equipped with nose cone guns that fit to their nose (sorry I couldn't find a pic) but I think it was in an episode of Future Weapons. The documentary I was watching mentioned that they have at least 6 confirmed kills.

A dolphin armed with a nose gun kinda looks like this:
[Image: Musical%20Dolphin%20Bubble%20gun_294.jpg]

Here's a variation of the gun as a dart weapon.
[Image: dolphin.jpg]

.. and credit to lolDolphins
[Image: dolphin_gun_01.jpg]

Article Snippit from slashdot -- there might be in armed dolphins in the wild!: