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David Cameron: politics needs talent like Simon Cowell - TriWooOx - 12-15-2009

Quote:In an interview, Mr Cameron praised the X Factor creator’s “talent,” and said that he welcomed the prospect of people from outside the “Westminster fish tank” joining the government.

He told talkSPORT radio: "You do need to get outside Westminster and find talented people. I have met Simon Cowell a couple of time. He's incredibly talented.

"There probably is something we can learn in politics. Frankly, people are not just apathetic and switched-off, a lot of the time they are pretty angry at what’s been going on in politics.

“In the internet age, when you can shop and travel at the click of a mouse, finding something that makes politics link more directly to people is a very good idea.

“I think trying to increase the level of people power in politics is a really good thing and big thing and something I’ve tried to do.

"I'm a great believer you should go beyond the Westminster fish tank.”

Mr Cowell has signalled an emerging interest in politics, this week suggesting that he was planning a series of prime time television shows in the run up to next year’s general election.

He told Newsnight these could take the form of a “bear pit” debate over topical issues such as immigration or the war in Afghanistan, with voters given the opportunity to vote by phone to express their opinions.

“What I'm always interested in is what the public think on certain issues,” he said.

“If you went around the country now it would be five or six big, big issues which I think are really, really important in people's lives.

“The idea was, is, that we would have a red telephone in the middle which at any time someone from Number 10 can call in.

“It would be a good way for me to get involved in politics in my own way, which is it would be controversial.”

RE: David Cameron: politics needs talent like Simon Cowell - cope - 12-16-2009

Can't stand this bloke, he has power and uses it only to scrape money from the public. I wish more people would see straight through him and his breed