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Roberts-Russia&America(major CFR study of cold war)(1956) - redgonzo - 11-21-2009

This is Henry L. Roberts's amazing book Russia and America - Dangers and Prospects (1956) which was at the time of its publication probably the most complete existing analysis of the relations between Russia and America. Based on two years' intensive study and discussion by a group of high level experts from science, business and the academic world that was sponsored by Council for foreign relations. This challenging study of Russia and America written over 50 years ago was one of the most important book every published in the field of foreign affairs during the Cold War. It outlines the sinister global tension created by atomic and thermonuclear discoveries and describes the direct and subterranean conflicts waged throughout the world by the United States and Russia. It stresses the urgent necessity for global coordination from the political, economic, social and military points of view. What the CFR experts omitted was the later discovered fact that the atomic secrets were given to Russia by these same internationalists in the first place. The watchful reader can readily observe how a dialectical enemy was purposefully created in order to keep the world in fear of nuclear holocaust - the artificially created problem. The experts would then call for a closer cooperation and coordination of world powers - the desired solution. 250 pages. A must read for everyone.


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