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Willing-Money-12th&Final Religion(religious origins of money)(2008) - redgonzo - 11-21-2009

This is R. Duane Willing's explosive book Money - The 12th and Final Religion (2008) which reveals how money functions as a religion in service to god Moloch without anyone noticing it. Moloch is the god that does not forgive. Israel was not intended as a people nor a place name. The temple and congregation of God Moloch are effectively indifferent to the primary human obligation of stewardship of planet Earth. The lust of god Moloch through his temple, as it appears in current structures of central banking and stock markets, dominates all other religious traditions through the "psychic" fire called ROI and interest rates. These are called usury and prohibited in scripture. The obligation of human enterprise to accomplish stewardship of the planet and prosper in harmony with nature involves two rules; 1. do not soil the water; 2. do not attempt to regulate life by usury. This fascinating book also mentions how the powers of the religion of money resist and destroy opposition such as in the assasination of Lincoln and JFK, world trade center destruction, how money is the driving force of war and the corporate undermining of the US constitution. The author gives you the key to understanding why the illuminated ones of the New World Order need to substitute secrecy for justice. Learn how god Moloch, devoid of any capacity for either mercy or forgiveness, is moving with brute force for world control behind the myth called Israel. The Moloch conceals the invention of credit based money. Belief in money drives the human condition to prey on the planet and its inhabitants. Money creation has Biblical consequences called usury. The key to usury is hidden in the legend of the Holy Grail. The covenant obligation to take dominion and prosper in harmony with nature is subverted by secretive organizations. There is talk of Bilderbergers, and various Councils and globalist corporations. As if by design, the collective mind remains hypnotized by their Moloch magic of central banking with its perpetual (national) debts, money at interest and stock exchanges and income taxes. Find out how by merely using money you are actually forced to be a member of religion you never heard nothing of. 195 pages. A must read for everyone.


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