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The pope's visit to spain - drummer - 05-23-2009

Last month RATzinger was in Valencia, Spain, and here are some photos of his trip!

The creepy photo to the right is where the Anti-Christ Pope preached ... see the big Horus eye? This is Spain's City of the Arts and Sciences. I think it's the biggest eye I have ever seen! And of course ... a "Washington Monument" in the center of the photo! There's even a small pyramid ... see top-left (across the street from the four tall buildings)! This "plaza" is 100% occult Masonic!!
[Image: creepy_eye-valencia_spain.jpg]

Below is a panoramic view of the City of the Arts and Sciences. The city is pictured full of Catholic patriots who came to listen to RATzinger's sermon about family values! I wonder what that's blue thing...?
[Image: city_of_arts_and_sciences.jpg]

And there's the False Prophet himself, next to the creepy illuminati eye!
[Image: pope_creepy_eye-spain.jpg]

[Image: city_of_freemasonry.jpg]
Boy, this place is full of eyes!

Now this is quite an interesting photo below:young people holding this banner with a triangle and the eye, except that the eye of Horus is replaced by the Pope's Dagon hat! That lady in blue doing the Satanic salute has no idea how correct she is!
[Image: pope_dagon-satanic_salute.jpg]

[Image: pope-mark_foreheads.jpg]
My Goodness... is Revelation 13:16 already here?!!