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Angels Don't Play This Haarp - Google Video - SerialExpLain - 08-10-2006

Angels Don't Play This HAARP - Google Video
Dr. Nick Begich (1 hr 36 mins. 46 sec.)

Angels Don't Play This Haarp - Google Video - Chopstics - 08-10-2006

Even better, get the HAARP - Collection:

Angels Don't Play This Haarp - Google Video - byrd - 09-22-2006

its funny, i just brought up HAARP in a thread yesetrday, talking about how they can and do control the weather, to which i got this reply....

Quote:haarp has nothing to do with weather control. its about A) picking up information on auroras and solar wind effects,B)communication distruption in the ionosphere.

its an unclassified project. go to the link dickefresh linked to. its spelled out clearly. a bit heavy on the metereological data but clear enough.

this is the shit i have to deal with on this here board i go to. :blink:

Angels Don't Play This Haarp - Google Video - salmondine - 10-22-2006

I have several HAARP videos and of course I read the book years ago.
I have heard Interviews with Dr Bernard Eastland, can HAARP control weather? you bet.
HAARP is the widest range variable frequencey ever concieved.
Two of the largest super computers ever built control it, they are located off site.
when Dr Eastland worked for ARCO power technologies, he was awarded patents for improvements on Telsa Inventions.
How tesla concieved of frequency interaction would fill this post, but the harmonics, sub-harmonics and resonate frequency
theories used to create the AC motor apply.
what happens when you pulse sypathetic or resonate frequencies into a stronger base line frequency? it gets stronger and
more powerful.
HAARP can broadcast on the same frequencies the human brain uses to process thought.
It can trigger and amplify emotion, if you are unfamiliar with this application google
Dr Patrick Flannery, and his nueral induction hearing device and research.
This same principal has been developed by the pentagon for crowd control weapons.

and this

Organization fighting electoric mind control.

I have had these links saved to a text file for some time now, forgive me that I did not check each one.

Angels Don't Play This Haarp - Google Video - pizzaman777 - 10-22-2006

Would you be willing to put some of these HAARP videos on the tracker? I know alot of people would be interested here. Preferrably ones that are not on google. :)