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Ball Of Flames Shoots Across Sky ? - April - 09-12-2006

maybe this should be in the area 51 section, but I’ve heard these “fire balls” have HAARP connections....don’t remember where i read it....was quite a while back.....

our skies here were absolutely annihilate yesterday.....different then i’ve ever seen!

my sweetheart’s been workin on the far washington coast, (construction) (( so we were hours apart from each other)) He saw the same where he was....and his WHOLE crew felt sick yesterday....

I was at work too w/o my camera.....woops.

did any other west coasters have ridiculous amounts of chemtrail activity?

here’s the weird article....

any one know more about this kind of phenomenon?

Ball Of Flames Shoots Across Sky ? - deathstickboy - 09-15-2006

I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary here in the BC lower mainland. Spraying was light, just a couple here and there in the mostly blue sky...