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The Pope Is A Perv - wokensheep - 10-03-2006

British documentary alleges pope linked to "child abuse cover-up"
AFP | October 1 2006

A British documentary claimed that Pope Benedict XVI was implicated in the systematic cover-up of child sex abuse allegations against Catholic priests.
Before becoming head of the church, the then cardinal Joseph Ratzinger enforced church doctrinal orthodoxy, including a "secret Vatican decree which seemed to shelter the perpetrators and silence the victims of abuse", the Panorama programme said.

This was the 1962 document Crimen Sollicitationis, which told top churchmen how to deal with priests who "solicit or provoke the penitent toward impure and obscene matters", according to a translation from Latin on the BBC website.

It imposed an oath of secrecy on victims, witnesses and those probing abuse claims and said that anyone breaking this would be excommunicated, the BBC said.

Father Tom Doyle, a canon solicitor reportedly sacked by the Vatican after criticising its handling of child abuse claims, told the BBC that Crimen was "an explicit written policy to cover up cases of child sexual abuse by the clergy, to punish those who would call attention to these crimes by the churchmen."

But the programme's claims have provoked a furious response from the Catholic Church in Britain.

The Archbishop of Birmingham, in central England, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, told Britain's Press Association news agency that it used Vatican documents "quite misleadingly in order to connect the horrors of child abuse to the person of the pope."

Speaking on behalf of bishops in England and Wales, he accused the BBC of "a deeply prejudiced attack on a revered world religious leader".

And he added that the Catholic Church in England and Wales was working to protect children with transparency and care.

Ratzinger clarified church law on the issue in 2001 and Panorama reported that he had ordered that the Vatican must have "exclusive competence" for child abuse cases.

"It's all controlled by the Vatican and at the top of the Vatican is the pope so Joseph Ratzinger was in the middle of this for most of the years that Crimen was enforced," Doyle added.

The pope could "tomorrow" order that the church take strong action against those accused of child sex scandals and co-operate with legal proceedings.

The Catholic Church told the Press Association that the second, 2001 document does not hinder investigations of child abuse allegations and that Crimen is not directly linked to child abuse but deals with the misuse of the confessional.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the Archbishop of Westminster, central London, and spiritual leader of Catholics in England and Wales, has written to Mark Thompson, the BBC's director-general, to protest about the programme.

The BBC said it was standing by it and would respond to the letter when they received it.

The programme was presented by Colm O'Gorman, who was abused by a priest as a boy and is now director of One In Four, an Irish charity which supports people who have been sexually abused.

"What gets me is it's the same story every time and every place.

"Bishops appoint priests that they know have abused children in the past to new parishes and new communities and more abuse happens," he said on the programme.

The show also claimed to have found seven priests facing child abuse investigations living in and around Vatican City.

Panorama told its viewers that the Vatican had failed to respond to requests for interview.

The Pope Is A Perv - deathstickboy - 10-03-2006

Big suprise, his position before becoming Pope was "Holy Office of the Doctrine of the Faith: which up until about 80 years ago was known as the Holy Office of the Inquisition. Yes he was the one in charge of the whole vatican coving up the rape of alter boys.

A nazi, pedophile is the Pope.

The Pope Is A Perv - lovelyk - 10-04-2006

As far as i understand it. The Agenda is to destroy and eliminate religion. For this reason, the cult members, satanic priests and witches must have to join a church. Bill Schnoebelen, john tedd collins and others expose this. Also Brice Taylor informs about her abuse and satanic churches posing as christian churches.

Since most of the ppl are unaware of satanic ritual abuse or in the state of denial that "this can't happen", they simply see that churches are getting corrupt and nasty. This, utlimately, will cause a sub-conscious prejudice against religion or churches in the minds of the coming generations.

WHo benefits?

The Pope Is A Perv - stillsearching - 10-04-2006

WHO benefits? Yes and the IMF, and the UN. And their benefactors. Hable Espanol? I'm gonna have to.

The Pope Is A Perv - Weyland - 10-05-2006

Quote:As far as i understand it. The Agenda is to destroy and eliminate religion. For this reason, the cult members, satanic priests and witches must have to join a church. Bill Schnoebelen, john tedd collins and others expose this. Also Brice Taylor informs about her abuse and satanic churches posing as christian churches.

Since most of the ppl are unaware of satanic ritual abuse or in the state of denial that "this can't happen", they simply see that churches are getting corrupt and nasty. This, utlimately, will cause a sub-conscious prejudice against religion or churches in the minds of the coming generations.

WHo benefits?

I agree with what you are saying but your sources SUCK!! Bill Schnoebelen and John Todd Collins are such bullshitters!

The Pope Is A Perv - lovelyk - 10-05-2006

Its ok if you don't believe these sources. I believe because what they are telling is exactly what i've learned before and in different parts of the world.

No matter what power the subversive societies and their masters have, all this power is in 'hidden' manipulation. They are loosing it and will loose it as more and more ppl are getting aware.

At the end of the day, what matters is that If we can see the invisible game. If we can see the game and don't play along, there will be no game.

The Pope Is A Perv - saunatonttu - 10-05-2006

Quote:At the end of the day, what matters is that If we can see the invisible game. If we can see the game and don't play along, there will be no game.

I'm reminded of this

The Pope Is A Perv - lovelyk - 10-06-2006

*deleted* going to repost it

The Pope Is A Perv - inca - 10-06-2006

Organized religion have ridden like a harlot upon the political kingdoms of the earth, the beast. The political beast already tired shall devour the harlot dressed with purple and red and the blood of people in all wars including Cruzades, Inquisition, 2 W.W and every single one blessing weapons with holy water hypocresy. Apocalipsis 17; Daniel 7:17.
Now, religion won't dissapear because as the very original name religare suggests, it's about the individual re-union or binding together again what was lost. Yet, the organized religion business will cease. Peace and Security will be anounced.... the system will change. In Greek that was called aion.

The Pope Is A Perv - lovelyk - 10-06-2006

Amazing. Thanks for this.

He's like John Titor but not John Titor.

Those and other similar places are for the politicians and media people, they are obligated.<span style="color:#FF0000">Sometimes a bloodline will be present but will not participate in those acts which are not the rituals we do

Though he's telling some truth, yet he's not telling it all.

When i read G.S. Lawrence's "Dissipation of Darkness", the same question came into my mind. What if Satanism, pedo-politico-clubs and societies, magicians etc. are just toothpicks. The founders seemed to be religious. What their religion exactly was is a subject of discussion but my take is "control, money & Power".

And his reference to "connection to higher beings" also suggests (in context of our messed-up world today) that Conspiracy researchers were right. At the end of the day, its Luciferian.

Do you know that not just spoken words but also written words emanate a frequency which have a direct effect?

He's right.
knowledge is double edged. There a "wisdom of light" and a "dark wisdom". Its the choice of a human to choose his path.

Q.we are all equal unto th eyes of the creator and for that must you answer in your time

I believe the same.

Q. The time of reckoning is at hand.

A: It is not.

In earthy terms, he's right. But the 'time span' in spiritual realms is different than in physical world. So, when God says, time is at hand, it really is.

Q:The "higher beings who govern this realm", do you serve them? By what names do you call them? Have you ever seen them? Where do they reside?
A: They penetrate everything and they are benevolent.


In short, Demons in angelic clothing.

what really hit the pentagon....does that mean you aren´t going to answer it?
A: Does it matter what hit it?


Yea. Does it?

<span style="color:#FF0000">The ones you know the names of are not true bloodlines like you have been taught by theorists... It does not matter what race I am, has no effect on anything...

Q:Why does visualization work?

A: It does not work for everybody, you have to reach a certain stage in your development. This means living by strict rules, applying them to everything you do in life, in detail. Most humans do not have the discipline nor temparence to achieve that stage.... "Visualisation" works because it is an essential way of the creational process in this material universe...


He's right. This shows his deeper understanding of natural/spiritual/universal laws, their applications.

...Icke has a core of truth he is trying to pass...<span style="color:#FF0000">The reptilian part was fed him by the ones who work for the bloodlines...he was bombarded with "victims

Now this is really true:)
He was fed by Jordan Maxwell and zakaria sitchin in the beginning with all that sumarian, egyptian crap. Then he met with a real "goddess" who tells some real details of occult. No dispute about it.

There infact is no such thing as reptilians or aliens bloodline. These are the forms a demon or a bad Al-Jinn that will take while manifesting either during invokation or during possession.

But i believe satanic abuse, blood drinking and mind control is going on and is spreading.

<span style="color:#FF0000">you act like your part of the "elite bloodline" on Earth, but what would bloodlines have to do with the Spiritual world?

:)Million Dollar Question. First real question in this whole debate and the answer to it is. None whatsoever. Its an individual soul that matters in a spiritual realm. And soul's raw material is 'Light' not flesh.

here is a misconception about bloodlines....
But there is a reason for that, and it serves an important purpose... We provide you with tools and then it us up to you to determine how you use it. Tools can be used in a maliscious way but noone is forcing you to use them that are choosing yourself...


Yep. but what makes him more clearer is: "So despising the ones who provide you with the tool that you voluntarily chose to "sin" with..."
That's the purpose. Isn't it?

We are provided with corrupt understandings of laws of God and when we don't think and we use those 'tools' and we commit sins, makes the 'divine bloodline/chosen ppl' what?

True Heirs of God on earth!
Like muslims say, Caliphs of God on Earth.

the devil doesn´t know he´s the devil...he thinks he´s God."

A: Wrong. It actually states that humans who worship the "bad" think they worship the "good".


Bushs are not fact, they are your kind who wanted to be worshipped by your kind. I will sum it up again in short, the ones that have <span style="color:#FF0000">known faces/names are not directly bloodline. <span style="color:#FF0000">They are not the composers/conductors, they just play the flute the way they are told to.

Bushs, Clintons, Sharons, Arafats, Hitlers, Dalai Lamas, Mandelas, Blairs, Gores, Chavezs, Ghandis, Kennedys, Lennons, Dylans, Einsteins, Michaelangelos, Popes, Ceasars, Aristotles, Herodotus, Akhenatons.
They all play/played their part the way they are/were told to. <span style="color:#FF0000">These people who love recognition and praise of your kind would not be allowed to be in the same room with some people I am related to


Manly P.Hall and G.S.Lawrence & protocol elders were right.
The real 'chosen ones' are hidden hands who formulate things and then let the 'goy' work.

Is Earth a prison?

A: Yes and even worse. The ones who believe the contrary will never escap

People might take it as if there's some other better planet with better alien people. No! Its spiritual. Even a body is a prison for a soul. But a soul needed "physical experience' to advance further. that is why it chooses to come here and wear the dress of flesh and bones.

Really, if the goal was population reduction, it would have been done a long time ago in a span of a few weeks.

He's right. like he was right on oil.

5). What do you fear the most?
6). What is the real story you haven´t told us because we haven´t asked yet??

A. ... It is not our duty to enlighten you, that is yours
A. ... Fear is based on physical impulses, the physical is not important.

Second best questions. And the best answers

There is just 1 struggle and it is now, here on this planet and on a personal level....meaning you only. There is no enemy you can attack except yourself

Universal Truth!
Like someone once narrated to me

"Invane you fight with Devil O Man
Never you fought with your own SELF!"

The tools are in your hands, around you, is even being drawn out of you. I<span style="color:#FF0000">t is your duty towards yourself to reveal them to yourself and then do as you please with them....there is always a consequence.

Prisoners still can determine what they do in their prison with the tools that were provided to them, they can decide how to walk in the yard, how to talk, think...You have free will therefore you suffer and are aware of your suffering


we merely spreading the tools which can be used by you to free yourself or chain yourself, your choice...
...The Divine Law has a purpose for you and it is not on this planet.
Prove you are worthy again to be released.

The distraction is part of that.
It is about knowing who is and who is not.


Fair Enough. But sounding like someone's being given a task to spread tools. THIS doesn't fit in. It's more like a person who is reasoning with himself to use such methods.

Q:What is your interpretation of the Divine Law and how can I make peace with myself?
A: Knowing yourself and where you really are, are the 2 most important issues that you should be involved with. <span style="color:#FF0000">It is your task to find out.

<span style="color:#FF0000">If you find the answers to those, you have accomplished a huge part of your duty towards yourself. After that your task would be living according to the Divine Law which is revealed to you after that stage untill departure.


True. every single word of it.

The Dark Nobility is a faction which operates on their own, <span style="color:#FF0000">they have different roots which have been described in texts written by my ancestors.

As i understand positive mysticism, there is no such thing as "generational". The knowledge, wisdom and power is given to a worthy one whoever he/she is. Race, religion, family, bloodlines doesn't matter there. However, if he's what he's saying he's, then my take is still with G.S.Lawrence.

Wisdom and knowledge is double edged (positive/neg). Anyone can achieve that but how one applies it is a matter of choice.

<span style="color:#FF0000">I have to make clear that The Christ has nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth, that part was later fabricated

If he means the crucifixtion part, he's telling the truth.

Jesus of Nazareth was not crucified. He never was on the cross. that was a fabrication later introduced as him being crucified, him being God or physical begotten son of God or him being taking away our sins.

<span style="color:#FF0000">It is the task of every soul to accomplish that while in this human shape. There is a part that can be called escaping which will be followed by transcending....if failing, reincarnation. However the word "love" is is not meant to be the love in human terms which humans are enslaved by. That is the corrupt version of the real one.
Amazingly accurate. But this "reincarnation" is not physical one. Its a different concept than we are fed here.

The Divine Law controls what is called karma, but it is much broader and "harsher" than people want to accept. Example: someone who gets cancer and dies a slow painful death deserves it, that person is being corrected, it is for his own good.

:)How many times do i have to admire his knowledge and understanding.
Though he's telling some fakes (intentionally or unknowingly) but this guy is amazing.

does seem odd that suffering is for one's own good yet it is a hard to digest truth.

Gardner is one of those persons who wants to be praised and recognised by the people, so he gets it in return for some favors (spreading misinfo which here and there contain the facts, which hooks people).He was initiated in certain levels but it is not as in depth as one would think (including himself), he is clever though. He is a member of at least 6 "societies" (although 3 of them are closely linked and could be seen as 1, so 4 at least) but these have only as much power/control as you the people give them.

People like Icke are giving them more power unknowingly.


This truth train should have taken a lot of people aboard:)

<span style="color:#FF0000">Christianity is about idolising a human called Jesus of Nazareth first, which is an abomination. Christians teach what they have been told to teach by the ones they oppose.


I can tell you who the 4 individuals were who wrote the Hebrew old testament and the exact date, if it suited me. Same about your new testament which was gathered by 6 people from 2 different areas

Wrong. Narrating or copying or making records of God's teachings OR prophet's saying (Gospels/Hadith) doesn't mean the books are the work of "man's imagnation". Its true that books were corrupted and text was twisted by his grand---grandfathers yet, those were and are Holy books.

<span style="color:#FF0000">The Divine Law is the manifestation of the Will of the Superior One which not only creates everything that exists within this universe but also maintains, nourishes, balances, energises and renews it. It also reigns in other realms, including the realm you originally belong to.

Universal Truth!
Whether we know it or not.

<span style="color:#FF0000">Temperance will lead you to the rightful place from where it all starts. Before this you must know yourself and what this place is (where most people go wrong), otherwise your thoughts will be filled with error which will lead to erroneous ways.
An Asian Mystic on Life, Death & Beyond

<span style="color:#FF0000">It is a "sin" to worship/idolize/praise humans who were part of this planet in any way, shape or form, including when talking/writing about them


You by adding those letters in brackets have just done that, elevating his name up to that of higher beings. A human is corrupt while on this planet.....each and single one of them.

Not correct

Muhammed was like Jesus, Mozes, Abraham, Buddha, a human who was lead to believe he was a knower


Correct till this point, but as far as my research, knowledge and understanding goes, rest is pure lie.

There are servents (which we call saints) in every country, in every religion, but there are no 'bloodline' servents.
'Servents' of God are always humble, without "ego' and they always are the 'servents' not the 'ruling bloodline/family/families'.

So Muslims who believe in seperate streams of Islam are actually rebelling against their own "prophet


The kuran has a core of truth but it is floating in a sea of perversions, together with the other "holy" books.

Wrong. A blasphemy against all Holy books!

It was written by 4 individuals from 3 "countries" 1 being western, 2 middle-eastern

Wrong. Again!

<span style="color:#FF0000">Jesus of Nazareth is not the Christ, nor is anything I have said Anti-Christ

Is he implying Jesus was not Messiah?
If he's, G.S. Lawrence was telling the truth.

This ability is there for everyone to have to dial in. It is being provided by the Divine Law to everything that searches for it.


Someone with no connections to the families can be affected by Divinity in such a way that he could surpass anything the bloodlines ever could achieve combined. Certain individuals get born into the bloodlines to be able to reign over the people under certain circumstances, that is what the bloodline mainly is about.

quite right

The ones who are known in public are not in control, the Rothschilds are at the same level as your Knights Templar ancestors shouldn´t be proud that you are from that lineage by the way. These known families/clans/societies are merely dancers to the tune.

that's true!

I am from a ruling family whose name rarely has been mentioned in history, noone will even know who we are.

And who might these families are?

<span style="color:#FF0000">Someone who is lead by "malicious" forces cannot utter/write certain words, phrases without it affecting him. The ones who are lead by them also cannot accept hearing/reading certain things without getting overly mad/agressive

There's a certain truth to it. But he's describing people effected by demonic spirits. All of us are prone to demonic influences. But when the no. of opened ports or portals are too many, these demonic forces do possess (visibly or invisibly) and if they are "too malicious' and has powerful desire to fully possess, then they can't afford to hear 'holy words' in their original form.

<span style="color:#FF0000">Everytime you cuss, talk negative, plot a scheme, get violent, utter lies, support murder, get sexually aroused, get afraid, get jealous, even laugh out loud, being overly joyfull (so all related to emotions/passions/desires), they appear near, two, three, or more of them.

True. Very true. Drinking alcohal is also one of these 'sins'. When a person is too drunk, he looses his aura (i.e. a shield) and these entities can find an open passage way to invade us. But another fact is that there are entities who effects our thoughts but are without 'side-effects" or "possession".

you are the perpetrator, they react. They never instigate, you do.

Quite right but in a context of our will. They can if they want to but then our guardians will intercept them. So, They wait till we desire.

The Pope Is A Perv - Echo - 10-06-2006

watched the documentary the article is refering to and really got me annoyed, i knew this was going on but the cover up was not jst limited to high up members of the church. it really pissed me off the amount of lives that have been destroyed and no effort has been made to correct the problems but jst covering everything up and paying victims off.

The Pope Is A Perv - lovelyk - 10-06-2006

Quote:I would hesitantly add that <span style="color:#FF0000">studying ancient texts will help (although a lot is filled with perversions and wrong translations, intentionally) but this only <span style="color:#FF0000">after a certain level of awakening, you will recognise/remember the small parts which are true. If you are not on that level you will take parts of the perversions/wrong translations as the truth (as a few show it here, especially 1 religious stream) and fail.

That's True

Quote:It is necessary to have a view of the whole spectrum, when it is partial it will be like looking through the window while it is partially covered with a curtain...

What covers the whole spectrum?

Understand this place, what and where it is, know what you are, how you came here, why you came here, how to return. Prepare yourself for the answers, cleanse yourself, reach out for the Mind, speak (within-"with-out") that you are ready, live strictly according to the answers.


Quote:Do not join "secret societies", never, whatever the circumstances are.
He's right.

Quote:no religions, including the new age
Without religion you are lost in the labyinth.
He's wrong here. Religion is a way to choose a set of morals, codes of conduct and live by it.
Its necessary. Its a kind of social system. what comes from God is never "bad". Atleast my search led me to this conclusion.

The Pope Is A Perv - lovelyk - 10-06-2006


According to an asian mystic, pole shift occures every 10,000 yrs. Earth will complete its cycle after 2006. (She never said exactly when). After this she describes the effects of this change which are the same as we can find here and there.

SECOND COMING: you returning back to where you belong after you have succeeded, which means a second coming cannot take place on Earth for you do not belong here.

That's what i said earlier about "re-incarnation"

But Second Coming of Christ is a fact as he never died. He'll return to the earth, will pass his time and wll die as every living soul has to die.

this <span style="color:#FF0000">knowledge is not hidden, the <span style="color:#FF0000">Truth cannot be hidden, It wants to be known by you, inviting you every moment of your life

So, what 'secret' societies are really offering?
Some half-baked crap 'mysteries' like finding the name of the God or building "solomon's temple'.

hardest part for people for you have to float above this physical/material world while being in the body that dictates the opposite


<span style="color:#FF0000">Yes, but Christ did not descend into the body of a human called Jesus of Nazareth, 2014 years ago on March 20th, almost 2 hours before sunrise (which is the secret time of birth of your "son of god").


Inca! We need you on this one!

The Christ (which has a different "real" name but I will use this name here) appeared once, just once, and this was in another era, not even close to our era where Jesus of Nazareth also lived in

So this is his definition of word "Christ"

Do you know who keeps the knowledge about the real Christ alive?
And do you know who keeps the knowledge about the fake christ(s) alive?
The opposite of what you are thinking


What does THIS tells us?

A:Do not pay attention to the "world events", they are all orchestrated to make you pay attention to them. The struggle you should pay attention to is on a personal level.


Is he right?

Knowledge does not just appear out of nothing, it is passed on

To an extent this statement is correct

Do you have any connection with the Annunaki that the Sumerians wrote of?
A. They are not here anymore, that was another era.


This guy knew some real stuff. Besides what most of us are fed with, he knew what annunaki and nephilam were and the fact that they are not here anymore.

Nothing is easier than to write a best-seller book/hit album/movie script if you know what the highest promoter´s agenda is

Quite right

The Pope Is A Perv - lovelyk - 10-06-2006

Quote:Mormons are like the other religious people controlled by the ones who controlled their "prophets/sons of god/angels/saints/etc".

True. But Who?

Quote:See above for the food part.

<span style="color:#FF0000">It is 1 part of the manipulation, it is used in combination with 6 other methods of control in your daily life. If you can "delete" a few from your life or have less exposure to them, the effect will reduce dramatically, but this is not what will make you more self-conscious.

<span style="color:#FF0000">These methods are used to wear you out, lower your quality of life.

They are interlinked. The methods are:

1. Food and drinks
2. Medication, "Health care" (include vitamins)
3. Electrical waves (including your PC and cellphone, house electr. network, everything chipped)
4. Media, be it TV-radio-newspapers-magazines-internet (the most obvious method, yet the most enslaving)
5. Music, Sounds (different method than media, used in a different way although most times through the media)
6. Air pollution
7. Education system (including known literature which is mostly corrupt, be it history, psychology, metapsychology, "philosophy", art, science, poetry, religion, even fairy tales told to infants).

Politics takes these methods and bombard you with this every day and make sure they are maintained.

The rule is:

<span style="color:#FF0000">If promoted/praised/applauded/critically acclaimed/free, be very wary.

Be it food, medicines, latest technological product, "artist", politician, musician, book, show, beverage, etc.
Some of these allegedly "stand the test of time", that is orchestrated for a reason.

Problem is if too wary, you could miss a few gems that are deliberately passed on in between the manipulation tools by some.

There are a few other methods (societies/cults/sects, people policing each other, etc) but the above 6 are the core which has been promoted since the French "Revolution".


conscious form of restraint based on self-knowing to achieve inner order of the Soul (which is the unseen you as a whole, the Soul is not a part of you, you are one).

Restraining the emotions/desires/passions/energies does not mean cutting it off (that will harm you, beware), but channeling them to work for higher causes after taming them gently.

This all does lead to a sober life, yet simpler, filled with gifts because you fully become your own master, instead of your emotions/desires/passions dictating you how to be.

Simultaneously with this process you will be cleansing yourself and will be ready to be enlightened by the Universal Mind.

Be like that which you want to connect with as much as possible.

The Pope Is A Perv - DoKtAhMaDiZmS - 10-07-2006

Anyone manage to capture that doc ? my brother said it was disturbing
he watched it and said there were pope dudes going in to detail about abuse like it was cool, and that people who suffered abuse, the vatican tried to shut them the fuck up or would go to great lengths to intimidate them even more. how fucking dare they! disgusting catholickylicky cunts
I was baptised by one of those fuckers when I was a kid, and I sware its a fuckin curse from them pedoes, I want to be unbaptised for real!
I feel sick thinkin about one of them stroking my head, for all any one knows that could be feckin holy piss splashed on peoples heads ffs I would kill one of those fuckers