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Sleeping Pills - Weyland - 10-08-2006

Quote:You guys are nuts, using hard pharmaceuticals like that. Valerian Root is a herbal alternative which is very effective. Also, unlike Pharma sleeping pills, it does not steal your dreams. Infact it makes them more intense and longer, and it also leaves you feeling incredibly rested and refreshed in the morning, as opposed to the off/on type of sleep and awakening offered by sleeping pills.

I normally don't need them, but I did for a time when I was working a job that was so stressful it would leave me too wound up to sleep without some kind of aid.

I tried it and it does not work me. I think I need a Valerian Forest to go to sleep. Actually most of the time I use UNISOM or SOMINEX. They have a very subtle way of making me go to sleep and they dont leave me kinda ZONED out the next day like AMBIEN does. Yes AMBIEN leaves me AMBIENT, I think thats why they called it that way.

What kind of dose did you take?

Ah shit I dont remember.