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Goozner - The $800 Million Pill - The Truth Behind The Cost Of New Drugs (2004) - redgonzo - 10-31-2006

This is Merrill Goozner's shocking book The $800 Million Pill - The Truth behind the Cost of New Drugs (2004) which is a fascinating critical look at drug and biotech companies as the author pulls back the curtain on the process of new drug development and answers two important questions: "where do new drugs come from?" and "what do they cost to invent?" Using case studies that recount the discovery, development and eventual commercialization of a number of significant drugs, including Epogen and the AIDS cocktail, Goozner dismantles the pharmaceutical industry’s assertion that drug prices must be kept high in order to stimulate cutting edge research. The cost of each new discovery averages $800 million, industry officials have claimed. But Goozner argues that citizens are already paying much of that bill: taxpayer-financed medical research, he finds, has played a major role in each important medical discovery. Goozner convincingly argues that new drugs get into the hands of the sick not thanks to drug and biotech companies, but to the passion of dedicated scientists - in both the private sector and the public. The pharmaceutical industry claims that it can continue playing a key role in the development of new weapons against disease only if Americans pay prices for medicines that yield very high profits. It also claims that price controls would cause the stream of new products to dry up. This amazing book gives the reader lots of interesting and useful background about the people and organizations involved in expanding medical knowledge and in developing drugs. Find out how you are paying simply too much to get those magical drugs which in the majority of cases don't work at all. 280 pages. A must read for everyone.


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