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My E-mail To Sherry Shriner - inca - 11-15-2006

Mr. Shriner: although your work is estimated because of revelations, you asked God "give me the truth about all things" and not just the things you caress or care according to your liking. I asked the same thing and if what I say unto to you know is truth, then or my "truth" is false and yours is "true" or God plays games and uses ambivalent truths. Since that is not the case I ask you to pray with honest heart because this is more important than any other item in your multiple subjects link. Specially since you dedicated it to 3 "gods" Yahovah, Jehovah and Yahweh. You must be thinking God is as chaotic or Babel as these names? That's why I quoted Zechary 14:9 in the subject issue of my e-mail. Jews just say "g*d" even hiding the vowel because they don't have pure lips as Sephaniah 3:9 says. This is the second and last time I'm writing this to you and I warn you, there won't be a third time. God knows if you want to disregard this information or if you're gonna still using demonic names. And this is far more important than Orgone device.

First I wanna say I disagree with your use of God’s name as Yahweh or Yahwah and certainly that Aleluyah because if you examine that thing with the dedication you’ve given to Anunnaki , Ets and Henoc and apocrypha you will discover that name is also a Jewish deception no matter how painful this may sound because you’re linked emotionally to that name. Have you ever considered why in English the name ISrael and ISaiah have the use of the vowel “I” as if saying EEz-ra-el and EEzaiah while the Egyptian name ISis sounds like Ay-sees? Forget about Sitchin’s and let’s concentrate in a big e-mail not even his arch-enemy, the linguist Michael Heiser, could answered to me. Please read it carefully because if your praying in the future is headed to right direction, other revelations will come to you even if you were wrong for decades using the wrong name cos He knows your heart.

In Heiser’s site we read the Hebrew text with all those signs that were made to alter the sound. In fact the very Bible says the Torah had alterations and was profaned by the priests (Zephaniah 3:4; Jeremiah 8:8). They couldn’t add letters so they used a method to deceive specially the non-Jews. Adding the punctuation for the letters. It’s a lie when the scholars say Hebrew had no vowels. The Paleo-Hebrew/Cananean had an alphabet that was copied by the Greeks and is almost the same we use nowadays.

Look the letter # 1 here:

You can see that letter is like our “A” laid down and sometimes written upside down. Now, the Hebrew letters that appeared later on changed that shape but they say that letter is “aleph” and in fact means “bull”. Well, when you invert our A is in fact the head of a bull or ox with horns. That sounds like “A” but incredible stupid Heiser wants to convince you these letters were not vowels. This happens when a person studying so much “epigraphy” and inscriptions is incapable to see beyond the trapped set by THE SAME JEWS WHO HIDE THE VOWEL “O” FROM A MERE TITLE LIKE “GOD” TRANSLATED INTO A “PAGAN” LANGUAGE AND APPLIED TO A SIMPLE MORTAL LIKE MOSES IN EXODUS 7:1, 2. This is not just because of “respect” of traditions but a desperate effort not to lead the people to understand Jews superstition forbids them to use GOD’s REAL NAME. If they do like this with a simple title you have to be completely naïve or imbecil to believe what they allow (that is YHWH or Yahweh/Yahwah/Jehovah/Yahovah) is the correct form. Heiser uses YHWH when he indeed knows YHWH are wrong letters to use. He knows that W is Anglosaxon letter and Y is the Greek ypsilon while it should’ve been used the Epsilon or E that was switched by the Eta as a false H. Henceforth the sin committed by Heiser as a linguist is far more evil cos he is aware of these facts. HIS SIN IS HE IS A MEAN LIER AND DECEIVER regarding this important thing, although he’s correct in other areas.

Now pay attention to the letter # 5:

It’s like our very “E” and yet like inverted reflection on a mirror and with a little “tail” so to speak. It was not a Greek H. Jews have used this tactic to kill 2 birds with a stone, hiding real names of Christ and God. Better compare the whole Paleo-Hebrew alphabet.

Isaiah 19:18, 19 mentions in Egypt (in the Great Pyramid cos is the middle and frontier of Egypt in Gizah and because in math code in this text is the height in sacred Hebrew inches of the Great Pyramid) there was an oath to God in THE LANGUAGE OF CANAAN. God knew his name was already corrupted. Check the codes here:

Christians would never expect that since Egypt kept Israel in bandage! Yet even in Judges 12:15 we see <span style="color:#FF0000">Piraton/Faraton in the country of Ephraim and the mountain of Amalech. Ephraim was Joseph’s son so that’s a code name for Egypt and<span style="color:#CC0000"> Piratom or Pharaton was The House of Per, that’s Great Pyramid.

If you write to Heiser he would say the links you provide don’t belong to scholars. It doesn’t require. Everybody who cares to study books will find this alphabet, it wasn’t me who invented and I don’t have curriculums to prove written a thousand times in his site with a fistful of pages, it’s not about my ego or my name, words will be proven by themselves and not because of papers saying who I am. More than this, the very ones who know God’s name is IEVE rather than your false YHWH, are the ones who hide the vowels of “god” in all languages so they eliminate many links which say what I’m sharing now.

Am I gonna believe Eliphas Levi who wrote “may IEVE your cyclic law” or Heiser? Did Petrus Alfonsi (1062-1110) brought up as a Jew in Muslim part of Spain and converted into Christianism and emigrated to Aragon, England and France and being educated both in Arabic and Hebrew…know less than our scholar who read ancient manuscripts from that time? In his Dialogui Contra Iudaeos he wrote IEVE.

It was only in the next century when Joachim of Fiore (1132-1202) changed that V for a U and now the scholar uses the Anglo Saxon W as a substitution of that U. So, Mr. Heiser maybe a linguist but perhaps he must need history classes urgently.

Now, a name like IEVE presents a difficult to English readers because of the particularities of the language. When you see the written name you don’t have the slightest clue how on earth are you gonna pronounce. Since the letter “E” has a name with the phonema or sound “EE” at subconscious level you think in words like “meet, meal, meat, seem, seed, seat, beneath” but not the OTHER sound like “met, set, let, wet, net”. The same happens with the vowel “I” called “Ay” that leads you to think in words like “wine, mine, fine, lice” but not in words like “interesting, sin, tin, click, flick”. So, each of these two vowels give you many options of pronunciation. The key to understand this riddle also lays in how the Jews chose the pronunciation of the names ISrael and ISaiah. Both of these names have the sound as in EE (EEs-Ra-El and EE-sa-iah) but amazingly the Egyptian name ISis using the same letters mysteriously switch into a “AY-sees”.

So IEVE sounds like the Spanish word for “snow” (nIEVE) but of course without the consonant N. In English it is equivalent to spell EE-EH-VEH. The Anglo Saxon translators like William Tyndale in Middle Ages used something that applied to what they thought to be accurate. You are watching I am adding the letter “H”. There’s no H at all in God’s name, that’s false deception. But I’m forced to write that H cos in English I have to make you think in the different pronunciation otherwise if I write EE-E-VE you could think the EE and E have the same sound. When I write that H you know the EH sounds like in “wet, set, met, let” and not like double E. Now, please repeat several times that EE plus EH, what is the sound? When you say it fast is like saying slightly similar to YEH or JEH!!!!! Hence YEH-VEH or JEH-VEH would be the sound in English but better is spelling EE-EH-VEH. We don’t have that problem with Russian Cyrillic language and I can paste here a letter a Russian-Jew Rabbi Yghork Ulianov Cihs admitting IEVE is God’s name but sometimes the Russian alphabet is changed when sending this message so I will lead you to a link in which you can read in Russian his letter in the messages. The original letter disappeared cos the Rabbies pushed him not to mention this to non-Jews:

The Rabbies went to the house of a Peruvian Christian who is in fact teaching God’s name is IEVE and something extraordinary happened. They went to forbid him to teach that name! That was in Peru where there are no too many Jews. The guy refused and in no moment they said he was wrong. The “explanation” they give for that prohibition is because the name has to be pronounced only in Holy Land, Israel. Years later Jews from the synagogues of Argentina went to his house with the same purpose. Now, I ask you why Jews had to go to a house of the gentile to “warn” him? They wouldn’t lose their time unless it was for a good reason. The reason I know cos I’ve been in that house and interviewed the guy. He’s not just teaching inside his house but OPENLY and with the translations in Hebrew IN THE OUTSIDE PART OF THE WALL OF HIS HOUSE that he considers like the wall of his temple. The Rabbies are very worried cos everybody that passes in front is actually watching the name and they don’t want the people to know the sound. The Jews never cared about the inscription YHWH, Yahweh, Yahveh, Jehovah because they know these are merely substitutions of the name except IEVE. The guy defies them and even explains how Jews altered the Hebrew adding false signals. I don’t agree with many things this person preaches but indeed he is right regarding God’s name and many other things.

The Pythagorean Tetractys with God’s name is linked with IEVE and some codes regarding the number 72 and a pyramid shape:

Allow me to remember the things Moses, Aaron and other 72 people witnessed about “God’s presence” in Exodus 24:9-11. The 72 included Nadab and Abiu, 2 out from 4 sons of Aaron. It would be interested to know if Christ selected 70 or 72 disciples to preach (there are some variations in translations), Luke 10:1. But that number 72 is a code and a law existing in the universe.

It’s said there are 72 letters hiding the secret of God’s name in Exodus 14:19-21, the 72 hours of the life of an egg-cell, lunar mass is 72nd part of the mass of the earth while the volume of Saturn is 72 times the volume of the earth, the earth axis moves 1 degree every 72 years, the Egyptian legend says Mercury played chess with the Moon and added 72nd part of a day, 72 races and languages during Noah’s time, etc.

Sepher II, 4 will secretly teach you IEVE-EVEI-VEIE-EIEV and kabbalists and linguist like Fabre d’ Olivet and Francisco Valdomiro Lorenz have studied this while Mr. Heiser can’t even answer why ISrael and ISaiah sound different from ISis. Now, kabbalah maybe filled with errors but they are not wrong in this case about God’s name. The Hebrew used now is altered Babylonian Aramaic. In an old 1860 Bible Dictionary written by William Smith, English lexicographer, appears what I ‘m gonna write now but was CENSORED OUT of later editions (naturally!). Under the word “moon”: 3 names of the moon were used by Hebrews, YAREAH, paleness, LEBONAH, white, and HODESH (renewing) new moon (p.206). The first H from YAHREAH being dropped in English translations and dropped from modern Hebrew translations. Strongs renders the word ‘moon’ in Genesis 37:9 from Hebrew as “YAREACH#3394”. <span style="color:#3333FF">This shows a clear attempt at corrupting a word to make it appear to be a different word and not lead a person to see connection between YAHREAH the moon god and the guess name YAHWEH which is identical except for the slight “r” sound twisted into a W! In the word AVEH or HAVE or AVE the Hebrew letters Ayin and Alef are soundless but it was not in the past, so they can use it to mask or hide real words, for instance the sound ‘ave’ in Y –AHVEH doesn’t matter how is written has a very evil meaning: depravity, perversion. In Aramaic “Hiwya” means a feminine snake too.

It was in 1567 when Genebrardus invented the guess name IAHVE, JAHVE (Cronograph Paris, 1567, ed. Paris 1600, p.79 seq). He borrowed from Clement of Alexandria (Platonist Gnostic, early Catholic) the Greek spelling IAOVE (Zeus) which is universally known as JOVE (Roman Jupiter) and converted JAOVE to YAOVE adding the H and ropping the O, hence YAHVE=ZEUS=JUPITER. For acceptance he went to Samaritans (enemies of God and Israel) and borrowed IABE from their Bibles. Thus he converted to YABE and finally converting B to V arrived at YAVE adding the H =YAHVE. He felt secure YAH was correct since appeared in Psalms 68:4 (talking about a temple that wasn’t even constructed?) as IAH. That IAH was a pregnant pagan Egyptian falsehood replacing the original IE given to Moses. In Psalms 68:4 JAH is said to “ride upon the heavens” is spoken in a manner of the moon and the sun which are said to ride across the heavens in their daily circuit. It was after Genebrardus that other Yahwist dropped the letter V and a double U (UU=W) was added forming YAHWEH. YAH was the Egyptian moon god and SHU(a) is the Egyptian sky god. YAH was also the goat god with whom also is associated the moon in city of Gat of Phillistian. YAH was the Egyptian name of Thot as moon god and when you have YAH-SHU together forming Yahshua you have an Egyptian moon god plus the sky or heaven god. In saying so the false name “Jesus” is also a corruption form Latin IESVS and Greek IESOYS that had nothing to do with real name and the same applies to so-called “Yeshua”. Jews also altered the name of the ones considered blasphemers or traitors. So, Mr. Heiser the linguist is a lier serving to the interests of the Jews who allow him to have his scholarship and degrees. Regarding this thing about God’s name he reveals himself as a pagan and warn him to investigate carefully the manuscripts he imagines he knows for sure. 2 Kings 23:5; Jeremiah 23:27 and 3:21 say Jews in fact altered God’s name due to worshipping the moon and false gods, they profaned His name. Heiser should read carefully Isaiah 63:19; 64:6 and 65:1, 2, 8, 15, 16 to recognize Jewish people as a mass forgot God’s name that was to be “found” even by non-Jews. Apostle Paul who wrote 2000 years before Mr. Heiser knew something important. He knew Jewish people could be led into having a jealous attitude precisely because God’s name, Romans 9:25; 10:19-21 and he quoted from Moses in Deuteronomy 32:21 and Isaiah and Hoseah 1, 9.

Scholar Heinisch pointed the weakness of Yahweh as pronunciation of God’s name He admits is based upon Samaritan tradition as given by Theodoret (fifth century) and Clement of Alexandria (Theology of Testament, p.39). A comparison between Greek characters and North Semitic or Paleo-Hebrew alphabet and Earliest Greek characters 9th to 6th centuries BC, Ionic and Classic Greek demonstrates our alphabet comes from Hebrew and is a lie when they say Hebrew had no vowels. Paleo-Hebrew DID HAVE VOWEL USEAGE and to translate Paleo-Hebrew into Greek is not to miss very much in the way of pronunciation and meaning associated with word forms and ancient language from which they descend. Historically the Greek speakers who came among those we call Greek brought a new tongue replacing the older tongue. Many philologists believed this have occurred around 1450 BC, THE SAME TIME HEBREWS DEPARTED FROM EGYPT. So when we read from scholars –like Michael Heiser- about inscriptions, well that’s not the point, when some of them think we have lost the ancient Paleo-Hebrew sound, the truth is we may have it already exactly in Greek tongue. Vowels were in ancient text and usually removed in Masoretic and Aramaic text.

When we read the “translation” of God’s name as revealed by Moses, we read:

V’yomer Eloyim el-Msheh EH’YEH asher EH’YEH v’yomer ko tomar livneh Yisrael EH’YEH sh’lachni alechem”. That EH’YEH in English sounds like AH-EH-EE-EH and is the translation of IEVE name. You tell him this and he will talk about “epigraphy” to beat around the bush. The fact is the Greek letter “alpha’ corresponds to Hebrew “aleph” and Hebrew “beth” corresponds to second Greek letter “beta” and so forth. Greek “alpha” is a vowel as Hebrew “aleph” was a vowel too and they were trying to hide these things.

Josephus, Jew historian who lived some years after Christ, wrote in chapter V, section 7 of his Wars of the Jews that in the golden crown was engraved the sacred name of God consisting in 4 vowels. In year 64 A.D. he was 26 years old and that was 300 years after the Greek Septuagint version of the Bible. Hence there are people suggesting the name was IEUE. But why do we have to trust Josephus precisely? Modern Hebrew spoken is from German migrants thus modern Hebrew favors the V instead of the W (which could be spoken by Jews which migrated to Spain). Eliezer Ben Yehuda, father of modern Hebrew, revived Hebrew in late 1800’s and early 1900’s, he avoid the Askhenaz dialect as much as possible preferring the Sephardic which resembled the sound pattern of Arabia more closely. So, Ben was influenced by Arabic and Aramaic in his modernizing instead of Phoenician language or Ashkenaz. The “Ui” (as they spelled the name Dawiyd or Dauid instead of David in modern documents) is a diphthong with the “wee” sound as in French “oui”. At an early stage the W came to be pronounced V later on possibly while Samaritans still spoke Hebrew. Arabic’s “waw” has the sound W/U just as older Hebrew and Aramaic and Samaritan. The scholars say they –like Greek- DIDN’T HAVE A “VAV” OR V SOUND neither Akkadian, Arabic or Ethiopic. But I wonder how much truth is in this statement. Isn’t it true Abraham in Arabic has been I’Brahim with the sound of the B or the V digamma sound Avra’am? Did the V sound came with Indo-European languages that derived from Sanskrit which does have the V sound? That makes us think about Avraam’s origin! I don’t think David was Dawid or Dauid! Yet, it’s interesting to notice the Paleo-Hebrew letter for the “waw” or “vav” was adapted by the Greek and in fact resemblances the letter that was called later Upsilon or Ypsilon that is Y or U about 600 B.C. It was the Romans who gave the letter is capital V shape about 114 A.D. Medieval scribes wrote 2 VV’s together about 1000 or UU written as W which doesn’t even have a name cos it’s called double U. The real pronunciation is merely IEVE cos that V sound of consonant is permitted for the simple reason is between 2 vowels “E”. Hence the sound of the same letter V as a vowel U changes into consonant V because of that reason. If the scholars are right imagining there was no sound of consonant V in the past, then Abraham was Awram or Awraham/Auraham which is not the sound even in Arabic! Therefore my conclusion is all this is a demonic plan to hide the truth and spread lies all over the world regarding God’s name. We just can’t trust in Jews who are hiding even the vowels of a mere title translated into pagan languages writing “g*d” instead of “god” a title even applied to Moses in Exodus 7:1, 2 and false gods or judges. :mad:

My E-mail To Sherry Shriner - inca - 11-15-2006

Even if Josephus was right, that could be because the meaning of God's name IEVE (in English is like spelling EE-EH-VEH) is AEIE (in English is like spelling AH-EH-EE-EH).