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Project Marauder - Twocats - 12-12-2006

In the early 1990s the United States Military conducted an experimental project called MARAUDER.
( Magnetically Accelerated Ring to Achieve Ultra-high Directed Energy and Radiation )
The weapon used technology that created doughnut shaped rings of plasma and small balls of lightning
that exploded when hitting a target. The success of the experiment led to it becoming Classified Top Secret
and no more details of how it developed after 1993 are available.

Does this technology exist?
Has the U.S Military used it?
What do YOU think?

Project Marauder - fjaneson - 12-14-2006

I saw a toroidal energy weapon demonstrated in a video. It was firing at the top of a tank, which was on it's side

for test purposes. The name of the vid escapes me right now, but it was about this OTHER laser system

designed to take out incoming projectiles-from missiles all the way down to mortars. It seemed to

use some sort of time reverse phase conjugation to lock onto it's target. The vid also had interviews

with Iraqi doctors who said they had found many bodies of people incinerated by energy weapons.

SO, yes, I think such tech almost certainly is ready for deployment. I guess it's time to get mirrored armor.

Project Marauder - fjaneson - 12-14-2006

Here is a link I found to that vid I mentioned above.

RE: Project Marauder - Apocalypso Now! - 04-25-2010