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Is Love Real - psilocybin - 12-15-2006

I don't know what I beleive when it comes to this. It seems to only reside in one person alone. Kind of like a relgion itself.

Any insights?

Is Love Real - black_action_hero - 12-15-2006

love, or codependency?
free will, or determinism?

interesting questions, but I do believe i'm in love at the moment, and i can proove it:)

Is Love Real - blove8. - 12-15-2006

Of course Love is real. :wink:

Is Love Real - tsoldrin - 12-15-2006

Interesting question. If it's real, howcome when we look back on times when we were in love with someone we always just think we thought we were in love... but obviously at the time, the feeling was quite different?

Is Love Real - NewTrruthseeker - 12-15-2006

Off course Love is real. Most of humanity doesen't know what it is though. Our heart chakras has been closed through manipulation.

Love is the only thing that Is real, I think, we ARE Love, but we don't know because we're disconnected.

Is Love Real - nukunuku - 12-15-2006

one important thing people tend to forget is that you need 2 for love, if its only one way its not love its something else

Is Love Real - NewTrruthseeker - 12-15-2006

It is possible to Love someone even though they don't (know that they) love you.

Is Love Real - aaronmann - 12-15-2006

i believe that love is real but sadly, it is only temporary. unless you can keep the proper endorphines running through the proper channels. it's like a water faucet. eventually your brain just shuts it off.

Is Love Real - NewTrruthseeker - 12-16-2006

I believe Love is the strongest force in the universe. Without Love and Unity nothing would work, even down to the smallest atoms, they work together. I believe that's why our planet is so sick, because humanity is so disconnected from Love and Unity and so deep in illusion our Mother Earth can't take it much longer. Our group conciousness affects Earth.

When you experience Empathy for another human being that you haven't even met (that you see on tv for example, experiencing war etc.), this Empathy comes from Love, the Love force and you open your heart to someone else that you haven't even met. Because deep inside you know that this person is like you.

Is Love Real - GutSmoke - 12-16-2006

I thought it was kind of rhetorical. Did I spell that right?

Of course love is real. I don't mean the smut love. I love Tia Carrera as much as the next internet browser. I love The Simpsons and ATHF. That's not love. I can write sonnets to my wife for a million years. That's not love.

"Every spirit passing through the world touches the tangible and mars the mutable, and finally has come to look and not to buy."
--Marilynn Robinson

The joyful participation of existence. Love is real, but subtle as all fucking getout.

Is Love Real - NewTrruthseeker - 12-16-2006

True GS, it's subtle. But I believe it's only subtle to us because we are so dense in our consciousness. Love has a very high vibration, indeed I believe the highest vibration of all, while humanity in general is vibrating on a low vibration, if this makes any sense.

I believe our heart chakras has been deliberately closed, I actually think this is what they're most focused on. They'd be terrified if our heart chakras opened. The sense of division is an indoctrinated illusion. The apparent experience of disconnection comes when we close our heart chakra, our direct link to Oneness, and become mesmerised by the illusory world of the 'head', the mind.

Icke: What do we say when we see the troubles of the world? "It makes my heart ache" and "it breaks my heart". These feelings relate to Oneness observing the illusion through the heart and our Empathy with another expression of the One suffering the consequences of illusory disconnection. My heart aches because I know it does not have to be like this and I know how it could be if we would only remove the chains that bind us to illusion.

When I quote Icke I'm not trying to convince anyone to believe in him. I quote only when it's something I really agree with (and it's easier to quote than to write my own version of the same thing) or when I just think it would be interesting to let him have a say. I think he gets very little respect sometimes, probably because of the reptilian thing. I always enjoy his last chapters in any book because it's incredibly uplifting and feels very true to me.

But as I've said before, I think a christian that is full of Love for all humanity is as wise as any.
I think Love and Unity is the answer indeed. Look at the human next to you or even on the other side of the globe with Love and Empathy and you are a very wise man/woman.

Is Love Real - rsol - 12-16-2006

love is.....

oh god i hated those T-shirts....

Tricky to define in one go init?

Love is a vice, a gift, a prison, an embarrassment, a purpose, a rule.

No one can tell you you are in love, they always say you are not.

Love is one sided. Dont be fooled into thinking i mean it cannot be shared. I just mean two people love in different ways.

You can only like someone the same as you. Love shows you what you are missing.

Love comes to you without your choosing. Its whether you accept it as love or not. Love exists as a choice, are you prepared to suffer all the signs saying you are wrong?

I can want 1000 women in the world but cant talk to them all. Looks and chemistry are all very well and good but Love throws science and reason away. If you think that is not true your love is one of convenience.

If you cant help but stay by her side even when she doesn't want you, you are in love. Even when its stupid. It makes you feel a fool but you know its the truth. Thats love...

Is Love Real - aaronmann - 12-16-2006

there's a big difference between love and "lust" or "desire". please make the distincion =)

Is Love Real - Zoomie38 - 12-16-2006

To be without Love is to be without Hate.

Is Love Real - sivle - 12-17-2006

Not sure how to answer this one. I beleive in a love for fellow man/woman in the sense of showing compasion to those who need it and feel empathy to those in trouble in a broad general sense. In the sense of love for that one special indidvidual, well I feel that it exists as well but is not forever, it just exists in fleeting moments IMO.