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Monkeywrench: Healing Secrets - drew hempel - 01-21-2007

Well if you just google "Taoist Yoga" and goto Kheper net.

My online article Secrets of Psychic Music Healing has all the links. Just google "drew hempel" and I have all the details you need.

But I'll tell my latest secret. Alchemy is based on activating the male prostate gland through reverse breathing. So the lungs expand when you breathe in and the diaphragm goes down, putting pressure on the prostate gland. This creates an internal bliss that is directed up to the brain, through the heart and vagus nerve.

Sitting in full-lotus is the fastest way to achieve that but the links I have online tell you other methods.

Essential great heat is created by activating the prostate gland and this heat transforms the electrochemicals until ultrasound turns into light -- for spirit travel.

Good luck. All the rest of my information is online for free -- via google "drew hempel"

Monkeywrench: Healing Secrets - drunkenmunky - 01-21-2007

To your point about reverse breathing activating great heat. I have found that if your body is to hot to begin with, it can actually lower your temperature aswell.

Monkeywrench: Healing Secrets - harflimon - 01-22-2007

You could always just use the three finger method.

Sorry I couldnt resist.

Monkeywrench: Healing Secrets - imsoaznwashed - 01-22-2007

...:( thanks.