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Fear & Loathing In Colorado - harmonius - 05-03-2007

I think this one speaks for itself.

Fear & Loathing in Colorado; Poppa Welch's Tragic Story
by Chris Barge, from The Rocky Mountain News. (02 May, 2007)

A tale of the Second Amendment, marijuana, a vindictive police dept, and a family on the run facing extradition from Canada.

Wellington, Colorado - Michael Welch II paced frantically across the living room of his parents' farmhouse. His father lay dead in an adjoining room, shot through the heart by the lawmen who had the house surrounded. His terrified wife, Lori Romero, whimpered nearby. Put the gun down, she begged him, so that they could all walk out with their hands up.

Her 13-year-old son, Anthony, calmly focused a camcorder on the bloody chaos of Nov. 2, 2004.

"Hey, put the camera on me, bro," Welch instructs on the tape. "Hey, is it recording?"

"Yeah," Anthony said.

"I want everybody to know that they shot my father because he was defending his family and his Constitution. Somebody shot him right through the heart for nothing. We're about to give ourselves up. If they shoot one of us or all of us, then I guess this is our fuck-off ode to America."

Story contiues here.