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Dea Snitch! - harmonius - 05-03-2007

Laughing Buddha Nursery of Metarie, Louisiana is DEA FRONT
by Marc Emery (24 Apr, 2007)

The Laughing Buddha Nursey in the New Orleans suburb of Metarie, Louisiana assists the DEA in entrapping its customers.

The Laughing Buddha Nursery owner Grant Estrada wasn't laughing when I called him up and said " Grant Estrada, I'm doing an article on how you are co-operating with DEA and informing on your clients and assisting in the prosecution of your clients. Are you co-operating with DEA, setting up your clients and accepting blood money to do this? "

Grant Estrada replied, " I can't talk about that now " and very nervously hung up the phone.

Grant Estrada is most definitely a narc of the worst sort and has set up one, and probably is in the process of setting up many more, growers of the herb.

Story continues here.


Dea Snitch! - Easy Skanking - 05-04-2007

I don't like DEA snitches....I don't like DEA Agents.... I really don't like corrupt ex-DEA that served time in prison for corruption and want to beat on me.

Fuck the DEA in any and every possibly way. They don't realize what tools and pawns they are in the infowar.
Wake up or fuck you DEA!

Thanks for the article MMM.