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Drew Hempel - drew hempel - 05-06-2007

New study indicates people sense the future:

Drew Hempel - ephilution - 05-06-2007

Thought-provoking article Drew, thanks... And to be continued I suppose.

Drew Hempel - drew hempel - 05-06-2007

I just posted this on the blog where it's from:

This is a fascinating study. Kurt Godel argued that the paradoxes of time travel were resolved because the person time-traveling would not desire to change their future. It's important to realize that emotions are electrochemicals which get transduced into electromagnetic fields for spacetime travel. I first saw the future in 1995 while keeping a journal. A dream was more real than being awake and I wrote down that I thought it was predicting the future. The very precise and strange details manifested themselves 3 years later, long after I had forgotten about the journal entry. I looked at a newspaper photo of my friends and native american activists standing on the roof of a house to protect a wooded area. Exactly what I had recorded in my journal. The photo just gave me this strange feeling but no acknowledgement. Strangely I found myself traveling to my parents and then, apparently by whim, paging through my old journal, just within a day or two of seeing the photo.

After doing intensive qigong training and continuing to sit in full-lotus I often remember my dreams and visions of the future while having an experience that is somehow emotionally intense. This is exactly what Kurt Godel was talking about because when we have visions of the future it's only through a blissful state of awareness -- consciousness that itself is beyond time. The same blissful uncanny reality then is reencountered while apparently "awake" during the day.


Drew Hempel - rawgoatsmilk - 06-01-2007

I just posted on the off topic section regarding a man named Chet B Snow. Ever heard of him, Drew?

Drew Hempel - rawgoatsmilk - 06-14-2007

I didn't want to let this thread die just yet. So, I'm bumping it ...

Drew, you said

Quote:It's important to realize that emotions are electrochemicals which get transduced into electromagnetic fields for spacetime travel.

Now, just how often does this "transducing" occur? When? Are you referring to some kind of scientific study, or just your own experience?

Um, when you say "glitches" in the matrix, what do you mean exactly? And, er, what is the matrix exactly? And who or what created it?

Drew Hempel - bando - 06-14-2007

How do you correctly predict the future? You create it. Correct predictions of the future is more than likely manifested by the predictions themselves(or more-so those who knowingly or unknowingly manifest them).

Quote:How do you correctly predict the future? You create it.
I believe I got this from the x-files >.>

EDIT: I agree, it was thought provoking.

Drew Hempel - monkeytribe23 - 06-14-2007

I too have had experiences similar to Drew's.

All you need to do is keep a dream journal. It takes a little discipline. The results are undeniable.

I do not believe it is a "glitch," to me the sensation is indistinguishable from syncronicity.

Quote:"Does that restrain our free will? That's up to the philosophers. I'm far too shallow a person to worry about that."

Lucky. i'm still wrestling with that whole "free will" deal, in part due to this phenomena. If it is all set in stone... or perhaps our reality is maleable, with decisions causing branch points, like the quantum idea of multiple universes, or perhaps similar to the greek concept of "kairos?"

So does this mean by the time i'm receiving "future echoes" the future is already set? Inescapable? It is impossible to tell, perhaps half of my dream journal that i have not seen manifest is "junk dreams" or perhaps these situations did not manifest because i have switched timelines due to my actions...

anyway i will leave you with this quote:

Saepe ne utile quidem est scire quid futurum sit - Often it is not even advantageous to know what will be. (Cicero)

Drew Hempel - bando - 06-14-2007

Quote:Saepe ne utile quidem est scire quid futurum sit - Often it is not even advantageous to know what will be. (Cicero)

So true.

Drew Hempel - drew hempel - 06-26-2007

Well the matrix is basically "mass squared inversely proportional to energy frequency distance."

The Matrix was created by Plato, Archytas, and Eudoxus by combining Babylonian's geometric mean concept using the tetrachord 6:8::9:12 and by using the Brahmin's concept of zero.

Infinity was reversed and harmonics of healing were enclosed by the square root of two, approximated as the major tone, 9/8 cubed aka the "devil's interval."

5/4 the major third is the cube root of two, enabling the Renaissance.

We can hear justice but we can't see it. Therefore all of geometry-based math, the Matrix, builds from a foundation of "deep disharmony" with ever great tension (ecological crisis, social injustice, automation, etc.)

So the Matrix Plan is not some secret cabal but is actually a structural result of western mathematics, based on the hidden connection to nonwestern music.

So there is no "free will" because we exist within formless awareness which resonates as the future-past, etc. We can harmonize with the formless awareness by practicing "taoist yoga" whereby yang is 2:3 and yin is 3:4.

I have tons of stuff about this online and of course I'm sitting in the Tetrahedron, full-lotus as I type this, blissfully flexing my third eye. for c.d.s, etc.