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Favourite Movie? - McFly - 06-02-2007

- Barry Lyndon (most beautiful film ever made?)

- The Deer Hunter ("didi mau, didi mau!")

- L.O.T.R. trilogy (stunning, never mind the symbolism)

- 1492 (superb music score)

- Metropolis (amazingly prophetic, and loads of illuminati symbolism)

- Heat (good example of what great actors over mediocre actors can

- The Pianist (very realistic and not the usual nazi bashing)

- Planet of the Apes (original one)

- Deliverance ("squeeeeeeel like a pig!")

- Monty Python & The Quest for the Holy Grail (funniest film ever made, period)

- Revenge of the Pink Panther (Sellers' best)

- Back to the Future I & II (I just love time travel)

- Platoon (who knew Charlie would turn patriot 20 years later)

- those "Airplane" movies (so silly that you just cannot help laughing no mater how often you see them)

- the original Star Wars trilogy (last three were just embarrassing)

Best TV Shows:
- Star Trek: TNG
- "V"
- Prison Break
- Rome
- Family Guy
- early South Park
- early Simpsons
- Alf
- Hale & Pace

Favourite Movie? - blove8. - 06-02-2007





Batman (yeah the first one was cool)

and that's all I can think of atm.

I remember seeing trainspotting back when it first came out in the theater. I was with my gf and her roomates... On that part where the dood dives into the toilet, one of my gf's roomates blew chunks everywhere. We all got a great kick out of it, it was hilarious.:barf:

Favourite Movie? - Nyte - 06-02-2007

American History X
V For Vendetta
The Matrix
Saw 1/2/3
The 7 samurai
A clockwork orange
The Descent

and some others I cant think of right now

Favourite Movie? - SerialExpLain - 06-02-2007

The Sentinel (1976)

Favourite Movie? - SerialExpLain - 06-02-2007

Oh, forgot:

The Ninth Gate

Favourite Movie? - psilocybin - 06-02-2007

Fellini's Satyricon

Favourite Movie? - solar - 06-03-2007

Thank you, Chris Carota, for recommending SPARTAN.

Intriguing, complex, disturbing ...

... and one very thought-provoking movie.

Finally got around to obtaining it from the public library.

Interesting portrayal of "spec ops" (special operations) ...

... one wonders if this is how it is really done.

Check it out !

Favourite Movie? - cyberzee - 06-03-2007

Red Dawn
V For Vendetta

Favourite Movie? - JohnDoe1984 - 06-04-2007

[Image: BROKEBACK202.jpg]