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Favourite Movie? - TraxusIV - 05-19-2007


Im sorry to be the one to have to break this to you, OG. But, Sasha Baron Cohen, who plays Borat, said in an interview that the entire movie is satire bent on raising awareness of anti-simitism. Poeple can say whatever they want about jews being bad or not bad, but that is just retarded. One of my friends, who showed me the interview, told me after seeing the movie that he really thought another holocaust could happen, but in America, and that anti-simitism is one the largest issues around today.

Hah, that probably sounds like a 180 from some of the other things Ive aid and argued here. But, whatever.

Favourite Movie? - blove8. - 05-19-2007

[Image: galaxy99.jpg]

Galaxy Quest :cool:

Favourite Movie? - Conspiracy Dave - 05-19-2007

Bio-Done? Favourite movie ever? eww


I can still say after years that Fight Club is my favourite movie.

Interview with the Vampire is really good too.

Favourite Movie? - Gunky - 05-20-2007

Breakfast Club comes to mind first.

Favourite Movie? - FlungPup - 05-20-2007

Withnail and I

Favourite Movie? - hilly7 - 05-20-2007


Favourite Movie? - mothandrust - 05-20-2007

Dr. Strangelove

Cool Hand Luke

Being There

Life of Brian


Blood Simple


worst film of all time - Forrest Gump

Favourite Movie? - j0osh - 05-21-2007

Eyes Wide Shut
American Pyscho

Favourite Movie? - April - 05-21-2007

if you were to put this question out to art schools across the world, you'd get back a huge list of cartoons! :cool: :biggrin: I love Jim Henson! oh and thanks for the fluff topic!

the Mirror Mask



the Dark Crystal

the Labyrinth

Spirited Away

Princess Mononoke

If there was a movie i could have all conceners watch.... it would prolly be dr. seuss's, Horton hears a who!
It's brilliant! and makes me think about you folks all the time! it's in parts on utube here..... :smile:

Favourite Movie? - krankissey - 05-22-2007

Quote:I can't believe nobody has said "Idiocracy" yet. That was the best hollywood movie I saw last year. An absolute classic.

i agree. so many brilliant parts.

Favourite Movie? - krankissey - 05-22-2007

El Topo
Top Gun

thsoe are good

Favourite Movie? - nogooddogooder - 05-22-2007

Independence Day (7-4) :biggrin:

Then comes...

9-11 Police State. :shocked:


The Wall :wink:

Favourite Movie? - SerialExpLain - 05-27-2007

Nine 1/2 Weeks

Favourite Movie? - grell - 05-27-2007

Fight Club


They Live

Reservoir Dogs

Donnie Darko

Probably a whole lot of others I missed but that's all I can think of right now :tongue:

Favourite Movie? - grell - 05-28-2007





Batman (yeah the first one was cool)

and that's all I can think of atm.