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Favourite Movie? - triplesix - 05-18-2007

To be honest my favourite movie, for enjoyment and wasting time, is Bio-Dome; I've seen it a couple hundred times. As far as being pretentious, probably Solaris. If I had to choose my must-see movie of all time for the sake of humanity, Alex Jones' TerrorStorm is pretty solid, also Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism, Iraq for Sale: War Profiteers, Icke's Freedom or Fascism: The Time to Choose (very good, not much hard to swallow reptilian info, I can't help but find Icke candid and sincere), and The Disclosure Project was wild. I can't think of many others. Also anyone who doesn't believe in the coming police state should watch something on Ruby Ridge. I don't sympathize at all with Neo-Nazis but that family did NOT deserve what they got. Also, my favourite genre would be horror movies with Frailty being my favourite recent movie and of course Romero's Dead movies taking the top prize for the history of the genre.

What about you guys (and girls)?

Favourite Movie? - Ognir - 05-18-2007


Favourite Movie? - standvast - 05-18-2007

Pi (π) is high on my list, so is Watership down, Akira,
Also really like bladerunner and Jojimbo.

Favourite Movie? - Hei Hu Quan - 05-18-2007

Much too many, but I'd have to say off the top of my head, Hangmen Also Die by Fritz Lang, Sin City, Desperado, America: Freedom to Fascism, Blade, 911 Mysteries, Bourne Identity, Jet Li's Kiss of the Dragon, and the Honour of Dong Fang-Xu (Pride's Deadly Fury), The Seven Samurai, Shogun Assassin and the Zatoichi film series of the 1960's.

Favourite Movie? - rockclimber - 05-18-2007

Hollywood movies? Don't know why exactly but I have always liked The Shawshenk Redemption for starters.

Favourite Movie? - triplesix - 05-18-2007

Shawshenk Prison is in my native Ohio! Represent.

Favourite Movie? - Weyland - 05-18-2007

The Matrix
Blade Runner
Strange Days
12 Monkeys
Ghost In the Shell
The Hunger
A Clockwork Orange
La Femme Nikita
Soylent Green
Children Of Men
28 days later
The Thirteenth Floor
Fight Club
Eyes Wide Shut
Old Boy

Favourite Movie? - kap25 - 05-18-2007

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Stand

Life Of Brian

Blues Brothers

Blade Trilogy

Christmas Carol


Shaun Of The Dead

Pirates Of The Carribean

Van Helsing

Anything with Zombies.

Favourite Movie? - rawgoatsmilk - 05-19-2007

John Carpenter's "They Live". A "documentary" about the way the world really works.

Favourite Movie? - JohnDoe1984 - 05-19-2007

I can't believe nobody has said "Idiocracy" yet. That was the best hollywood movie I saw last year. An absolute classic.

Favourite Movie? - monkeytribe23 - 05-19-2007

Natural Born Killers.

Favourite Movie? - Easy Skanking - 05-19-2007


Favourite Movie? - rockclimber - 05-19-2007

Quote:I can't believe nobody has said "Idiocracy" yet. That was the best hollywood movie I saw last year. An absolute classic.

Yep, add that to my list

Favourite Movie? - Zoomie38 - 05-19-2007

My kids have me hooked on Veggie Tales. ( " If you like to talk to tomatos")

But two movies stand out probably because I have just recently watch them again. We were Soldiers, and Patton( They do not make movies about people like that anymore). Love the Matrix, Lord of the rings, and Enemy of the State.

Favourite Movie? - harmonius - 05-19-2007

BUmp to Borat Og.

Fargo, Lebowski, Star Wars, Naked, Swordfish, LOTR... can't think of any more off the top, kinda brain dead right now.