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Dinner With The Illuminati - leo - 05-23-2007

US president George W. Bush will hold his first meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on 9 June at the Vatican, the White House has announced. US ambassador to the Holy See Francis Rooney said Bush and the pontiff would discuss the "shared commitment of the United States and the Holy See to promoting human dignity around the world." The president and his wife Laura Bush will stop in Vatican City after attending a Group of Eight (G8) summit on 6-8 June in Heiligendamm, Germany. What will Ratzinger realy say to the Pope is a different story, we can only immagine the pious Bush in front of his evil Master Pope Ratzinger, the US President is a degenerate individual and a slave of the satanic system promoted by the Vatican and some of most prominent Zionist families , he is used as a good actor for their evil play.We find also very interesting at present the meeting to be held in Rome in secret this month between Dan Brown and the Vatican clergy ,a meeting organized by the illustrius Freemason and Grand Master of the illuminati Giuliano Di Bernardo.
This meeting will include the presence of the powerfull Cardinal from Bavaria Friedrich Wetter Bishop of Monaco and the Billionaire illuminati Rupert Murdoch plus actor Tom Hanks and Scientology film director Ron Howard...
So what a mix for this illluminati dinner in Piazza di Spagna 35 in Rome just a month before the arrival of the US President George W.Bush one of their most promminent illuminati puppets of the New World Order. The illuminati in Rome are officialy discussing the release of the film Angels and Demons, I think thats a very apppropriate move and its definetely gonna be a very special dinner between Mind Controllers of the first kind dont you think so?
But let's go back to George and his Papal visit to submit once again to the mighty man in white sitting in St.Peter's throne , a visit clear like the light of the day that will finaly get thinking a few conspiracy nuts out there that this is the real thing, this is the USA submission to Vatican Luciferian Powers!
In the meantime Italy is rocked by satanic, drug-induced sexual abuse in kindergarten, Children say they were forced in satanic sexual abuse and forced to drink blood in rituals.
For this reason six persons were arrested in Rome accused of sexually abusing 15 children from the age of three to the age of six at the nursery school “Olga Rovere” of Rignano Flaminio, in the vicinities of Rome. Satanism is definetely expanding and on the rise and we have to stay aware of this problem especialy in these times.
Today, Satan has free hands. This does not mean that he has more power than in the past, but the door is wide open to him. Primarily, today we live in a period of little faith. It is purely mathematical: when faith declines, superstition grows. When we abandon God, we give ourselves to practices that open the door to Satan. There is no doubt that today’s media piloted by the illluminati have done much in favour of Satan, first by the immorality of certain shows, the abundance of movies showing violence, horror or sex.
Well it seems we have to fight Satan now more then ever and I dont think that sitting down doing nothing is the right solution , we need to be active against all the evil promoted by Satan and his followers around the world we need to start a dialogue with those people who like us want a better world. Lets pray and hope God will give us the strength. Regarding myself I got to meet a very interesting man and what seems to be a great believer last week, strangely enough that man was the Secretary for Interreligious Dialogue for the Society of Jesus ...yes the Jesuits! Well I know it sounds a bit strange but Fr. Thomas Michel , SJ as been a pleasant surprise for me as he seems a person who is a true witness to God's universal mercy and he didnt mind the criticism I moved against the Jesuits (thats a nice start for a friendship..)

See you next time

Leo Lyon Zagami