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House Passes HR 2749! FOOD FASCISM Bill to Senate Next - hilly7 - 07-31-2009

<H2><H2>House Passes HR 2749! FOOD FASCISM Bill to Senate Next
July 29th, 2009 Natural Solutions Foundation

07/30/09 - Thursday Evening Update: Twisting the House of Representative’s Rules to prevent meaningful debate, the governing party adopted the martial law (sic) “food safety” bill, HS 2749.

You can read the final bill at:

Congress will be in recess for about three weeks; the Senate will take up the bill at that time. We have much to do to and little time; but we know PUSH BACK WORKS and even this horrid bill now contains language somewhat protective of some natural food solutions. Not enough! But this is a start and we can finish this in the Senate. Thousands have joined the Health Freedom Action eAlert in the past few days. Now it’s time to act!


07/30/09 - Thursday Morning Update: Congressman Paul’s office just emailed us that HR 2749 is back on the vote schedule today “under a rule” — that means it does not need a super majority to pass today. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSPEOPLE TODAY to vote “NO!”. PHONE CALLS NEEDED NOW!

07/29/09 - Wednesday Evening Update: HR 2749 failed to receive the super majority needed under “suspension of rules” and did not pass today; there may be an attempt to pass it tomorrow.

Still Time To Stop the Food Fascism Bill! - HR 2749!

After sending the below eblast this morning, we had another urgent message from Dr. Ron Paul’s Legislative Aide, Normal Singleton:

“Bill back on today’s schedule”

We have learned that today, July 28th, HR 2749, the Food Fascism Bill, is up for a vote again. Your push back took it off the floor yesterday according to our information. More emails, one from every member of your household and family, are urgently needed.

Please also PHONE your congressperson’s DC office NOW!

Here is the link for the Action Item:

Click on it NOW, fill it in for every member of your family and then contact everyone you can reach to do the same. Even if you’ve done it before, do it again!

Your health, your life, your food depend on it.

Yours in health and freedom,
Maj. Gen. Ablert N. Stubblebine III

[Note from Counsel: Often, controversial bills are on the vote schedule and then off it... several times. A few thousand phone calls and emails RIGHT NOW can make the difference! rf]

Our analysis of the original bill here:

Original eblast posted at:


RE: House Passes HR 2749! FOOD FASCISM Bill to Senate Next - FastTadpole - 09-15-2010

Sounds a lot like the Bill C-6 C-36 (Consumer Products and Safety Act) Legislation that is going on in Canada.

Quote:H.R. 2749: Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009
Occurred: Introduced Jun 8, 2009
Occurred: Passed House Jul 29, 2009
Not Yet Occurred: Senate Vote ...
Not Yet Occurred: Signed by President ...

This bill has been passed in the House. The bill now goes on to be voted on in the Senate. Keep in mind that debate may be taking place on a companion bill in the Senate, rather than on this particular bill. [Last Updated: Jun 27, 2010 8:50AM]

Last Action: Aug 3, 2009: Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

Jul 29, 2009: This bill failed in the House of Representatives by roll call vote. The vote was held under a suspension of the rules to cut debate short and pass the bill, needing a two-thirds majority. This usually occurs for non-controversial legislation. The totals were 280 Ayes, 150 Nays, 3 Present/Not Voting.

Jul 30, 2009: This bill passed in the House of Representatives by roll call vote. The totals were 283 Ayes, 142 Nays, 8 Present/Not Voting.

Vote Details

Related Bill Provides a Caveat to allow fast track Global Legislation in the future:

Quote:Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 2749) to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to improve the safety of food in the global market, and for other purposes.

Tracked at Open Congress

Now there is the follow up - S425

Quote:Follow up HR875 - S425 Criminalize Organic Farming

Info that the sponsor of the bill is Rosa Delauro who is married to Stan Greenburg a political strategist who works for Monsanto.

Track S425: