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The Brother Of The Smallest One - Solve et Coagula - 07-03-2007


Lecture of the Master Beinsa Douno, given on January 1, 1917, in Sofia

"Sanctify them in the truth"

John 17:17

In the archetypal language, the language of the Virgin Divine Spirit - the highest in the hierarchy of the angels - God gave man a different name, not the one we know now. This happened at the council of Gods, chaired by the Lord Jesus Christ, called the Saviour of Humanity. This council discussed the creation of man and defined his name. The name man has been incorrectly translated, but let's be content with it for the present. By man we mean a rational being.

At this stage of evolution man's reasoning takes two directions - ascending and descending. The descending reasoning functions to create the human personality and the human body with its seven invisible enveloping sheaths. The Eastern and Western esoteric lodges differ in the classification of the enveloping sheaths but these classifications refer only to the external, visual aspect of these teachings. Essentially there is in fact no difference between them. According to the inner meaning of Christ's teaching, we have three essential unalterable bodies and seven enveloping sheaths. Theosophical literature mentions the seven enveloping sheaths of the body, but the three unchangeable bodies are only hinted at. The enveloping sheaths are called bodies. But they are not bodies. Enveloping sheaths is a better name for them. In reality, the human world is transient, and the evolution of the world is a divine process. From the Divine viewpoint, the aspiration of the human spirit is to attain the three unchangeable bodies. This idea is so vast and boundless that even men of genius, the great minds of science and of the occult, the upper hierarchies of the angels, and even the upper hierarchies of the gods past and present are unable to comprehend it completely.

By gods do not mean The One God but the supreme members of the angelic hierarchies. Today however, the meaning of the word God has lost its essence through its application to beings which are not gods but which deceive people. There is nothing divine in them. Free yourselves of this misconception of God. The word God had a special meaning in the archetypal language. Today the concept is distorted. With this distortion of the concept the human mind has also become distorted. In order to formulate the right concept and understanding of God, we must return to our primary state. There are many who think of God as a being which changes several times a day, as humans do. Even some Western mystics think likewise. This is not meant as a reproach. It is the result of conflict between the two lodges - the white and the black - which exist in the world. They have divided humanity into two opposing camps. They are the cause of the discord and strife which exist in politics, society, families, individuals, and even in religion and science. These two influences have split human minds. For wherever there is division or duality the Divine Spirit is inactive. As soon as one is divided in one's own mind and succumbs to strife, God is absent. This is a psychological law.

When I speak to you about man, you must concentrate on, you must imagine the man created in the image and after the likeness of God, that is to say of truth and love. This man never desecrated the name of God. Moses, one of the great initiates, said, "Thou shall not take the name of the Lord, thy God in vain". This is a commandment of the first mystic who sought to study the great divine teaching. He sought to sanctify the name of God. This is what it means to be a true human being. Until you begin to sanctify the name of God in its profound meaning, handed down by the virgin divine spirits, you cannot rise to a higher spiritual plane than that upon which you stand now.

Often enough I have observed how people in Bulgaria and elsewhere divide themselves into great and small, open and narrow-minded, black and white. They say, "We are open and not as narrow-minded as the others". It is all too well being open, but be sure you are not formless, lacking of ideas. Going abroad among the mystics, among the theosophists, one observes that these are followers of the White Brotherhood who are working towards the renewal of human thought, so that in the future a new impulse, a new activity of the Divine Spirit may flow. Today the theosophists are divided into those following Besant and those following Steiner-anthroposophists. In reality both groups are anthroposophist. Yet as people they don't get along well either. The followers of Besant are women, those of Steiner, men. Both argue among themselves. All spiritual movements of the Eastern School are led by women, and those of the Western School, by men. This division is remarkable, but is only an external aspect. Whoever is not enlightened may be tempted by them, and whoever is tempted cannot understand Christ. Just as in Christ's time some people were tempted, so are people tempted today.

Ever since man sinned and in this way distorted the name of God, he has always fallen into temptation. Those of us who are tempted cannot rise to the position of thinking people, cannot understand the inner, fundamental laws governing the human spirit. In order to change our individual and social life, as well as that of the whole of humanity, we must understand the great laws of Divine thought.

The theosophists call the superior (higher) mind the superior manas. The natural or lower mind they call the inferior manas, but there is no mention of the middle mind, middle manas, which is the most important. The lower mind is the foundation upon which human consciousness is built. This means that it is the soil of the world of thought. If you are familiar with the make up of this soil, you will know what seeds to plant in it. Every thought contains a seed of action. To learn to think correctly means to know what seeds to plant in the different seasons of the year. It has been said in Scripture, "Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap". What is meant here is the sowing in the mind. There are so many false concepts and misdoings between people that if they do not listen to the Great Teacher they will exterminate each other. He says, "From now on I will permit no one to take one step ahead, if you does not change your thinking, if you do not sanctify the name of God, woe unto you. You may knock at my door for thousands years You will reap the fruit of your karma gathered over the millennia" What is karma? - the consequence of all bad fruit, planted in the past. Christ came to Earth with one purpose only - to redeem humanity. By redeeming 1 mean teaching people how to sanctify the name of God in themselves as well as in the world. The foundation of our existence rests upon this name. The sanctification of the name of God is the greatest thing. It represents the philosophy of the future.

Some of you complain that no secret knowledge has been revealed to you. What do you want? - to be given a weapon to kill each other? In Western Europe there are various teachings and brotherhoods whose members aspire to uncovering the secrets of nature. In this respect they resemble women who avenge themselves on their lovers with vitriol. Why do they take on against them? Because they have been unfaithful. Once they have deformed their lovers these women are satisfied and say, "Now that he cannot be mine, he cannot belong to any woman." There are men who behave in the same way, as well as some religious people. Christ is grieved by the acts of people. God has decided to punish them if they do not mend their ways. No longer may one go against Divine Law. People must forsake their old ways, for the new epoch, the new uplift is now commencing.

The Virgin Divine Spirit descends in a circular wave through seven fields, that is to say through seven worlds. During the period of Saturn the Virgin Divine Spirit descended to the mental world and formed the mind or mental body of man. During the second period, the Sun period, the Spirit descended to the astral world, creating the body of desire. During the third, the period of the Moon, the Spirit descended to the etheric field of the physical world, creating the etheric enveloping sheaths of man. In the fourth, the Earth period, the Spirit descended to the lower field of the physical world and created the physical body. In each period of descending and ascending the Spirit passed through spiritual day and night. In the first period, when the Divine Spirit worked to create man in the image and after the likeness of God, man did not know sin. In the second period man started to fall. In the third period man came to full degradation. In the fourth, the Earth period of descent, the fall reached its end.

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