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Prisonplanet Forums - Jolly Englishman - 07-11-2007

I'm trying to join their forums, because I like to have varied discussion in all of these forums, so why the hell would they disable registration?

Here's the site, see for yourself.

Prison Planet Forums

Prisonplanet Forums - Danis - 07-11-2007

It's "an exclusive new feature for members" as show on the main page.

Prisonplanet Forums - Guest - 07-12-2007

Heh... I was considering doing the same thing myself to concen..... for a diff reason.

Everytime some cocksucker reads something here he/she doesn't like, the DDOS shit starts it seems to me. I'd considered a purge of all 0-post members older than 2 weeks (they contribute nothing) and no more reg's..... one more way to keep it between us and less people to take offence and ddos us to hell and back.