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NZ probes China clothing scare - B4Time - 08-22-2007

New Zealand's government is investigating claims that clothes imported from China contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

The government acted after the Target TV programme claimed that fabrics in children's clothes contained 900 times the UN's safe level of the chemical.

Formaldehyde, used to stop mildew, can also cause skin irritations and cancer.

The discovery is the latest in a series of safety scares involving Chinese exports of goods such as toys and food.

'Made in China' under threat

"We are very concerned about this issue and if action needs to taken, we will act very quickly," said New Zealand's Ministry of Consumer Affairs spokeswoman Liz MacPherson.

"We can recall products, we can ban them and we can establish mandatory safety standards and obviously we'll be considering all of those options," she told reporters.

Earlier this month toy maker Mattel recently recalled millions of Chinese-made toys because of concerns about the use of toxic lead paints and strong magnets.

Questions have also been asked about the safety of other products, such as tyres, toothpaste and various foodstuffs.

Chinese officials have said the world should have more faith in the Made in China label.

"Although recalls are necessary, it is unfair to decide that all products made in China are unqualified," Li Changjiang, director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine is quoted as telling the Associated Press.

Mr Li said he believed there was a "new trend in trade protectionism".

That has been dismissed by European Union trade commissioner Peter Mandelson.


Also on my local news they were saying to watch the pet food from china again.didn't catch it all.I'll see if they run it again here.

NZ probes China clothing scare - psilocybin - 08-22-2007

shit I just bought a vaporizer that said made in china on it.

NZ probes China clothing scare - SerialExpLain - 08-23-2007

I wonder how long that has been going on? I remember back in the 70's shopping with an older more sophisticated shopper, selecting cotton-made clothing. She asked me which I thought was "the best fabric", the stiffer one or the not as starched-appearing. I selected the starched-appearing item. And she said, no,no, do not want to buy that. It is a cheap fabric and "chemically treated" to appear to be of a higher quality.

I always remembered that.

Lamps....I would be very careful about electrical, etc. Extension cords...hell....everything :sad:

There was also a story I do not have the link or remember the country, but it was a European country and I believe the point of origin of the clothing in this story was India. A women had become increasingly disabled from a neurologic condition that was MS-like in presentation. Extensive workup revealed, however, that her condition was from a toxic occupational exposure, she handled imported clothing on a daily basis in a warehouse-type setting.

NZ probes China clothing scare - B4Time - 08-23-2007

Quote:shit I just bought a vaporizer that said made in china on it.

dam I wonder what kind of poison that thing pumps out.I hope your not putting it in the kids room or as SerialExpLain said it electrical might burn your house down.

NZ probes China clothing scare - B4Time - 08-23-2007

New recall of Chinese toys in US

Thomas the Tank Engine branded spinning tops have been recalled
Two more US firms have recalled Chinese-made toys, saying they include paint with dangerous levels of lead.

The items include SpongeBob SquarePants spiral address books and diaries, Thomas the Tank Engine spinning tops and some toy buckets sold in the US.

The recall of about 300,000 toys comes a week after US firm Mattel recalled 18.5 million toys.

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NZ probes China clothing scare - interzone - 08-23-2007

a friend was quality checking micro fiber garments for her work ..............same

NZ probes China clothing scare - markko - 08-23-2007

Part of this is true, but most of it is media bullshit.

Have in mind, that chinese industry is a BIG THREAT to west. Low-priced goods destroying our economy and casting many small business to hell are not something our officials with fine hats want. It's mostly propaganda to stop chinese industrial explosion. If the trend continues china will become the most important producer and exporter of nearly everything(if it's not already), destroying foreign(our) business and finally remaining the only producer because of its cheap labour and products.

Of course most of their products are pure crap, but no matter, they are getting BETTER AND BETTER and becoming greater THREAT.