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Hi from Canada - Socratez - 09-08-2007

Hi everyone,

Well, I was fortunate to find this site after viewing the "fuck the corporate media" video...

Anyhow, about me... Well, I'm a 40 year old, vegetarian hippie... My interests are political activism, human rights, music, and a few other things.. I do not believe we have a government in my country, or any other... and I understand the world simply controlled by the corporation (money)...

Either way, I'm hoping to chat with some like minded folks on here, maybe learn a few things, and see what happens.



Hi from Canada - deathstickboy - 09-09-2007

Welcome. :biggrin:

Hi from Canada - blove8. - 09-09-2007

Hey Soc, welcome. Whereabouts in Canada? We have quite a few Canucks runnin around this place. :wink:

Hi from Canada - markko - 09-09-2007

You will learn very interesting things here.

Hi from Canada - ephilution - 09-09-2007

Welcome to ConCen buddy Soc.

Hi from Canada - TriWooOx - 09-09-2007


Hi from Canada - Guest - 09-09-2007

Welcome, from Canada.

Hi from Canada - 0110110 - 09-09-2007

Welcome to the board, fellow Canadian!!

Hi from Canada - zatara - 09-10-2007

Welcome hippie, and peace to you too. :smile:

Hi from Canada - subgenius - 09-12-2007

Welcome to your new home from Victoria bc