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The $600tr Derivatives looks like it's in trouble - justice - 09-10-2007

You would all do well to read

Will Derivatives Wipe Out Some Currencies?

I had the derivatives market as being worth $415tr but this report puts it at $600tr and goes on to say how the central banks will need to buy up junk stock to avoid a meltdown.

divide 600tr by the earths population and it comes in at $92,307.69 for every man woman and child on the planet and make this post look like it should be in the conspriacy forum but it's all their in black and white.

My guess is we are heading for a full scale meltdown and i can not help but look at the emergency food stock i buy each week and consider just how hard it would be if i needed to grow and collect the food myself. 1kg pack of drie peas for less then a quid ! Now how long would it take me to pick all them peas by hand and thats if the starving people have not beaten me to harvest my grop.