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a re-introduction - eyeland - 09-14-2007

Hello to all of you once again...boy I've missed this site!

I got bumped off the Internet when my ISP folded. It's taken me months to get back on. It's a long story which saw me spending two hours in a phone box at one point trying to get my line reactivated. I feel almost totally out of the loop and really need to get back up to speed with everything. Not having this site just a click away was very frustrating indeed.

(big sigh of relief!)

Once again thank you all for sustaining this site and making it what it is. The best.

a re-introduction - solar - 09-14-2007

Welcome back, eyeland !:)

A lot has happened on ConCen in the last few months ...B)

... among other things, the new Admins and the many new faces. :o

Take the time to get back "up to speed" !!;)

a re-introduction - ephilution - 09-14-2007

Good to see you back Eyeland, make yourself home once again. :biggrin:

a re-introduction - standvast - 09-14-2007

Welcome back yo' :cool:

a re-introduction - blove8. - 09-14-2007

sup! sup! eyeland!

a re-introduction - TriWooOx - 09-15-2007

Welcome Back!!

a re-introduction - rockclimber - 09-16-2007

Yo yo yo! Happy catchin up to do!

a re-introduction - harmonius - 09-17-2007

Happy returns.


a re-introduction - Liquinn - 12-22-2007

Hey, nice to meet you, I'm sure you'll have fun here~