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INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - subgenius - 09-16-2007

<span style="color:#3366FF">I will attempt to get everything archived as an offline archive . If I ever get it all then I will post it up . This info is simply amazing and huge---subg

<span style="color:#33CC00">YOU can offline-archive this and all associated links in it with the FREE! program listed at the bottom of this post...
some brief excerpts wow too much to even begin and the topics covered are <span style="color:#FF0000">VAST:

"In a world of abundance and neg-entropy there is no need to fight over dwindling resources. Water can be desalinated and transported great distances to arid regions without the massive energy costs. There would be no "have nots". Everyone's basic needs would be assured. The technological possibilities are limitless with Tesla and Schauberger's insights and inventions relating to free energy. The Alternative Physics they believed in, is the Physics of eternal abundance.
It is easy to imagine a world without war, because everyone would be working towards the goal of bringing civilization back into a harmonious relationship with nature for the sake of our mutual survival. We would see the end of the "fossil"/nuclear fuel age and an end to all of the cancer causing pollution of this insidious academic crime. Also, an end, by diffusion, to the pyramids of political, financial, media, academic and religious control, where wealth and power are dangerously concentrated into a hands of few jaded, impostors.
The entire infrastructure of canals and pipes that move our water on this planet will have to be replaced if we want to reverse the present plague of Cancer. If doing things right, were the priority, there would be work for everyone. Just imagine the labor involved in this project alone. The reclaiming of fresh water and endless free energy from cold water conversion of deep Ocean water is also now a reality and should be exploited to it's fullest.
With everyone's basic needs covered we could all go to work saving this world before we destroy it. With the vast array of new spin off technologies there would be fulfilling work for everyone. The war could shift from the phony excuses used now to the real threat we all are facing, which is the wholesale destruction of our beautiful planet and it's inhabitants.
Imagine silent, hovering aircraft, dropping mineralized rock dust on reclaimed forests to fertilize them, rather than extremely noisy jets and helicopters dropping napalm, daisy cutters, depleted uranium, micro nukes and other types of "destructive ordinance" on poor innocent victims, other wise known as "collateral damage". Or, these same silent craft tending to our agricultural needs by automated satellite control and managing unending fields of Cannabis and Hemp, for replacing: oil, pharmaceutical, food, clothing and timber products, to name a few.
Imagine also, these same silent craft built into massive sand movers which could clear the sands of Saharasia and reclaim the regions which bred the present state of warlike cruelty, 6000-8000 years ago. The sand could be fused into building materials for structures of the future, with very little cost. The newly cleared lands could be irrigated with desalinated water pumped from the oceans with Schauberger technologies. Hundred's of billions of trees could be planted in these reclaimed lands and vast areas could be opened for people and agriculture.
So, all you creepy people who think we need to kill off billions of other humans to make Earth a better place can go crawl back under your rocks. Overpopulation is not the problem, cramming millions of people together in cities which rely on toxic waste to fuel their endeavors and support their presence, is! Imagine all of our cities run on "free energy", without pollution, they might actually be nice places to live in once people detoxify from their polluted conditions and turn down their frantic racket.
How much of the planet's natural beauty, forests and waters have been lain waste thanks to military actions? Just watch some war footage of bombing campaigns and you will get a glimpse of a fraction of the damage.
<span style="color:#CC0000">I had better stop there...there's links every sentence to external sites and the main site here is massive

<span style="color:#CC0000">FROM THE SITE:

"Archive this site and all of it's Links as well!
I give my permission for researchers to copy this entire web page for non-commercial use and solely for the purpose of educating humanity as a whole. It may be copied with all of the websites it is linked to as well, by downloading a copy of httrack web copying software.

Once you have the program up and running you will see a welcome page, just hit the next button and move on. The next page you name the project and set the hard drive and folder where you want it to be saved. On the third page you will be prompted to choose, the "Action" to be taken and you will scroll down to "download all sites in pages (multiple mirror)". Then it will require the URL of the website you want to copy. Just copy the URL of the page you want and paste it in the large box.

The last Button is "Set Options" click on it and if you know what you are doing you can set the "limits" so that you can archive at maximum speed. I don't have room here to explain the various options, this is for the savvy researchers out there.

By setting up an archive on your computer as a multi mirrored site you will have all of the information which confirm and support the many controversial assertions I have made, saved in one conveniently accessible location. Some of these sites disappear from time to time also. When they're gone, you will still have access to the info. I update this site frequently and the Website copier allows you to update the web page also, by choosing that option."

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - TeslaandLyne - 09-16-2007

These are the best workable diagram I've seen.

At half scale the aether energy devices are from Helium,
ionized air (aether is in there somewhere), part of some
beam dialog showing aluminum hemisphere, an isotope
- beam ionizer direct electricity generator, vibrating coil
electrical oscillator.

[Image: lyne_aether_energy.jpg]

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - subgenius - 09-16-2007

thanks also thanks for the links in your signature

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - TeslaandLyne - 09-16-2007


A zero point energy page.

What holds up those UFOs, ... air .. awesome..

Some experiments by Tesla, written by Tesla, to the British elite
in electrical science. Great diagrams you will not see in any book.
Save that page.

ED:9 part video about Tesla ..
and catch how electric momentum revolve the planets not force at a distance...

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - subgenius - 09-16-2007

Always been fascinated by tesla tech, tt brown etc ever since the pre-net days of rex research etc, Far too often an area that gets overlooked even though the tech is there ( including a-grav patents ) and has been there since the turn of the century. Oh well . Glad to see this is the primary focus of your interest. Thanks for the vid links . I am certain that I have both of the Lynne vids already in full . Great books too. Have to go fire up the "Flivver" and go to town Thanks.

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - clowns789 - 09-16-2007

How big is this multiple mirror? I'm at 3 GB now and it doesn't look even close to being finished.

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - subgenius - 09-18-2007

how big was the mirror? I got scared and didn't want to wait it out but I'll leave it going overnight and see how big it ends up.

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - clowns789 - 09-18-2007

Quote:how big was the mirror? I got scared and didn't want to wait it out but I'll leave it going overnight and see how big it ends up.

I stopped at 4 GB. The amount of errors were increasing and that only so I stopped it. One time I let it run for a long time on another site and I had to erase 150,000 temporary files. :dazed:

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - TeslaandLyne - 09-19-2007

Quote:Have to go fire up the "Flivver" and go to town Thanks

That would be nice.

According to one researcher these are the early electrically levitated vehicles.
But I do recall tales of Tesla years and years ago that said he soared above
the street of New York out of his hotel window.

CIA has scoured the remaining documents about anything relating to Tesla
and mis lead a few writers. I wish some films of Tesla would appear but Edison
invented movies and must have banned filming his arch competitor.
If people close to Tesla were filmed, would one look like GHW Bush's father?

Early aether craft: Tesla in iron stove over streets of NYC using
original Tesla ignition coil (which was too strong for car ignition)
and the aether control flat coil, the Nazi turtle and FOO:

[Image: lyne_early_blitz.jpg]

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - subgenius - 09-19-2007

i just love the diagram you put up there...its such great almost art-deco type of technology that anyone could have used back then , imagine what capibilities could be ( or are rather) manifested with modern technology when applied to these concepts. Really fascinating. I need to go watch the Lynne stuff again. I think what appeals to me most is that it is readily available stuff just elbow grease and know how

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - clowns789 - 10-03-2007

BTW, if you're going ot use HTTrack use the previous version- 3.33. 3.41 messes up on a lot of sites by downloading nonstop temporary files after a certain point.

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - TeslaandLyne - 10-31-2007

Joseph Papp: US Patent # 4,428,193;, Inert Gas Fuel, Fuel Preparation Apparatus, & System...

I put that topic up... inert gas engine... Helium....perhaps... no exhaust....
runs on hot Tesla coil spark perhaps...

The Navy observer took out the control electronics and the engine blew up killing
one observer perhaps from the college or university or the company TRW aerospace corporation.

Best thing to say next time... don't touch anything... thats what my boss told me....
heck where did they hide everything I worked with paper.

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - itsallahoax - 11-27-2007

Great thread, people! So many good links and great information.

Just thought I would ask, is there any place for geocentric discussion here, or will I get laughed off the forum?



Nice find sub!

someone have the full archive as a torrent? can make a site mirror.

INCREDIBLE SITE WITH TONS OF LINKS - subgenius - 11-28-2007

that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have yet to get around to it..... I would hate to see it disappear like remember that place?