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Etherion - SerialExpLain - 09-27-2007

Interesting amime explores the power of Etherion, Rave Master.

Rave Master Episode and Synopsis

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Also abstract on Etherion here:

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Interesting that the Master Therion, a.k.a., Aleister Crowley wrote a play called "The Fatal Force"

Etherion - SerialExpLain - 10-04-2007

I am thinking the final scenes are included in this vid, examine the Wiki on Rave Master above. (Subtitles)

Rave Master - What Have You Done Now

Etherion - SerialExpLain - 10-05-2007

Quote:the first elementary particle hadron to be detected whose composite nature is operating hyperdimensionally, that is not confined to 3rd dimensional reduction, and nominated the Etherion

Quote:The Unity Keys of Emmanuel

...The solution for translating this planet into the New Universe, with only a minimum of 6,800 persons to be prepared by 2012...


Etherion - SerialExpLain - 10-07-2007

More from Master Therion:

Clouds Without Water

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Slightly off -- but

Google: Supraluminal Communications

First hit: This abstract looks interesting.