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Crossing the Rubicon - hyperspaceelf - 09-30-2007

The growing power of real media
The cost to you of supporting corporate media is not just the subscription prices or the time lost to advertisements. It’s the cost of omission — failing to tell you what you need to know. Consider that this cost includes:
— Your share of the $10 trillion that has been moved out of the US stock market and government without your having been informed by an alert and objective news media in time for you to take actions to protect yourself and your family.
— The dilution of your Constitutional freedoms and the vesting of power in a small group of individuals who defraud you (the public) of staggering sums of money and then use that money to buy up media and control your government and judiciary and to compromise your rights and the rights of people around the world.
— The impact on you and your children of having your streets and schools overwhelmed with dangerous narcotics and prescription drugs.
Allegations that the CIA and Department of Justice were complicit in the flow of cocaine into South Central LA; that the Clintons were partnered with George H. W. Bush and Oliver North through the offices of the National Security Council in a little Iran Contra arms and cocaine trafficking operation in Mena, Arkansas; and that Hillary Clinton’s law firm was helping launder the local share of the profits through state housing agency securities and investments were never addressed objectively by the corporate media. Mike Ruppert covered these stories and broke the story of the possible connection between these allegations and the Clinton impeachment.


CHAPTER 1: Petroleum Man
CHAPTER 2: Cheney Knew
CHAPTER 3: The CIA is Wall Street, and Drug Money is King
CHAPTER 4: Connecting Drugs and Oil
CHAPTER 5: A Criminal Meltdown
CHAPTER 6: Laying the Foundation: Destroy Russia,
Prepare the Battlefield
CHAPTER 7: Caspian Corruption
CHAPTER 8: Setting Up the War: Pakistan’s ISI,
America’s Agent for Protecting the Taliban and al Qaeda
CHAPTER 9: Business with the bin Ladens: The Real Saudi Arabia

CHAPTER 10: PROMIS: Controlling the Data
CHAPTER 11: Vreeland I
CHAPTER 12: Executing a Conspiracy: Shame and Honor
in the FBI – An Air Force Colonel Blows the Whistle
CHAPTER 13: Penetration
CHAPTER 14: 9/11 Insider Trading, or “You Didn’t Really
See That, Even Though We Saw It”
CHAPTER 15: Israel
CHAPTER 16: Silencing Congress
CHAPTER 17: Vreeland II: Silencing Me

CHAPTER 18: The Attacks
CHAPTER 19: Wargames and High Tech: Paralyzing the
System to Pull Off the Attacks
CHAPTER 20: Q&A: Many Questions Asked, Some
Answered – and a Golden Moment
CHAPTER 21: The Last Hearing: FTW Confronts on the
Wargames NORAD Runs
CHAPTER 22: Guiliani and TRIPOD II
CHAPTER 23: **** Cheney, FEMA, and “Persons of Interest”
CHAPTER 24: The Secret Service and National Special
Security Events
CHAPTER 25: The Commission’s Wild Blue Yonder

CHAPTER 26: The Record
CHAPTER 27: “We Don’t Need No Badges”
CHAPTER 28: Conquering the American People
CHAPTER 29: Biological Warfare
CHAPTER 30: Order of Battle
CHAPTER 31: Peak Oil Revisited
CHAPTER 32: Summation

Crossing the Rubicon - MC David - 09-30-2007

Thanks, should be interesting even though I don't believe too strongly in peak oil.