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I am 911.....Jack - 911jack - 11-26-2007

I am 911Jack. I have been involved and awakened for quite some time. I try my best to grasp the information being sent from the minority, while on the other hand, try to meditate, to calm ones Soul from the fog.

I say: Who has read the revelations of the insider?

I am 911.....Jack - blove8. - 11-26-2007

hi 911jack, welcome.:)i have not read that which you ask about. cheers.

I am 911.....Jack - Ognir - 11-26-2007

I have and welcome

I am 911.....Jack - April - 12-05-2007

nope, me neither!... but hello and welcome to ConCen 911jack. :smile:

I am 911.....Jack - LivingPharaoh - 12-05-2007

Hi, 9/11jack!
Sounds like we'll get along fine:)

Tell me what this revelations of the insider is... please?

I am 911.....Jack - TriWooOx - 12-06-2007


I am 911.....Jack - 0110110 - 12-08-2007

I've read the revelations of the "insider", I'll comment on those another time!

I am 911.....Jack - Liquinn - 12-22-2007

Hey, nice to meet you, I'm sure you'll have fun here~