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Hello everybody - Dellboy - 12-04-2007

Hi My name is Dellboy i'm the new member of your forum. I have interest for everything and special for UFO topics, and conspiracy like 911 and i am from Croatia (EU)

Hello everybody - LivingPharaoh - 12-04-2007

So you're a slave to the European Union too, eh?

Enjoy your stay here!:)

Hello everybody - April - 12-05-2007

hi there Dellboy... :grin: welcome to conspiracy central! :smile:
happy learning!

Hello everybody - 0110110 - 12-08-2007

Dellboy, lol!, Welcome to the waters of Conspiracy Central!

Hello everybody - TriWooOx - 12-08-2007


Hello everybody - Ognir - 12-08-2007

dellboy welcome

do you know any rodneys`?:LOL:

Hello everybody - blove8. - 12-08-2007

hi Dellboy, welcome.:)

Hello everybody - TeslaandLyne - 12-08-2007

Greetings and happy holidays

Special to all...Merry Christmas!!

A whole lotta UFO goin' on here.

I tend toward the William R. Lyne research myself.
He is the only conspiratorial stepping block and as yet no one has continued.


Hello everybody - Liquinn - 12-22-2007

Hey, nice to meet you, I'm sure you'll have fun here~