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Hello there. - cointelpro - 12-12-2007

hello everyone - i made the mistake of getting too excited when i first was introduced to this website and i forgot to introduce myself before jumping into discussions. Hmm, a few interesting facts about me... im a 21 year old male, i reside in the wonderfully square state of colorado, USA. Born to a vietnam veteran, and a victim of the side effects of agent orange through geneology. so i walk around with a large chip on my shoulder and two large scars on my ribs. ive been into "conspiracies" (which i would just simply call unpopular truth) for years now, and i have been metaphysical all my life. i was brought up spiritually as a christian but found my undying beliefe in Jesus as a savior - and even as a real person in the literal sense that some people read the bible - to die when i began to open my mind to such horrible things as the NWO's fear campaign and the stories of many other "saviors" and "devils" which have the exact same life story as told in the bible. anywho thats me in a very small nut shell. i hope to learn a lot from you all as i already have and i hope i in turn can help teach you something.

Hello there. - blove8. - 12-12-2007

hi Cointelpro, again, welcome. :wink:

Hello there. - Ognir - 12-13-2007


Hello there. - 0110110 - 12-17-2007

That's a good call, unpopular truth!, Welcome to CC, Cointelpro!

Hello there. - Liquinn - 12-22-2007

Hey, nice to meet you, I'm sure you'll have fun here~