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Ramadan Roll Call Pegaan Christmas Cheer - V13 - 12-16-2007

The Word of God in Christ clearly says, let your yes, be yes and your no, be no... Every time the American Legislature swears the people in at the beginning of each session, they blaspheme even the Constitution... They invite Christian, Jews etc... to offer prayer in violation of the Constitution... Is it free speech or favor? Certainly the republic is not absolved from sin or accounts the letter of law above the will of the people. Surely all people have sinned absolutely... What body can claim a point of order, other than a New World Order lie, if not a secular body or a sinless body? These fools speak as a lion through heads of the dragon... They show favor for religion and denominations accept the invitation curse out of order, defining the deceived... The contempt for the Word of God in Christ by the people is amazing.

Ramadan Roll Call Pegaan Christmas Cheer - itmakesmewonder - 12-20-2007

"Ramadan Roll Call Pegaan Christmas Cheer"
Whats this? A poem?

Yep. The same people that write the american legislation are killing millions of people in their name worldwide.
War is murder. A basic Christian commandement states "thou shalt not kill"
The constitution is man made, the Bible also man made but inspired by God. Neither are pure in this day and age.