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Greetings - 2tall - 12-17-2007

I ran across this forum today from Freeman in Austin TX.
I listen to Alex Jones as much as I can, and support his work.
I am a Christian.
I do not believe in my government.
I think they engineered 911, Oklahoma City, and faked the moon landing etc.

I beleive ther are globalists moving us into a one world government.

I am a skeptic on bigfoot, and the chupacabra.

Not sure what to think about intelligent life from another planet visiting us.

I am sure that freemasonry is very powerful in our culture.

I am a bassist and vocalist in a local rock band.

Howdy! :biggrin:

Greetings - blove8. - 12-17-2007

hi 2tall, welcome.

perhaps you'd like to contribute something to this thread:

Greetings - April - 12-18-2007

hi there 2tall... glad you made it... and welcome aboard! :smile:

Greetings - Ognir - 12-18-2007


Do you know who owns the Federal Reserve?
We don't either but we'd love to know

Greetings - nataraja - 12-19-2007


i hope you can see the light eventually;)

Greetings - Liquinn - 12-22-2007

Hey, nice to meet you, I'm sure you'll have fun here~