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The Divine Romance between Yin and Yang - Solve et Coagula - 12-19-2007

The Divine Romance between Yin and Yang

DIVINE LOVE may be radiated and therefore transmitted to others through the open heart of a living Soul. Both men and women may do this. The male, however, is able to transmit a higher spiritual frequency of Truth and Purpose. This does not make man superior to woman, it is just a universal pattern. To further illustrate this point let us first recall the ancient hermetic axiom: “As above, so below”. We may observe the same divine blueprint that underlies the All also expressing itself in the sexual act between human beings. The man provides the life-seed to the woman who, after receiving it, brings forth the child. Similarly, we may regard the Sun, the Father (male), radiating forth life-energies which are received by Mother Earth (female) who then enables all the diverse life-forms to spring forth from her womb, her matrix of creation.

This same universal pattern is applicable between man and woman with regard to the Path of Return. Historically, we may recognise that the Avatar, the Messiah or Christ, has always been male. He comes to establish the Truth, to transmit the Purpose, to open up the Way, and the female, by devoting herself to the spiritual male and his mission, also attains liberation. This relationship between male and female, yin and yang, is the immutable archetypal pattern of the Universe. A delightful symbolical example of such a divine romance between man and woman is given in Luke 7:38, where Mary Magdalene anoints the feet of Jesus with precious unguents.

Divine Will, or spiritual Potency, may fertilise or catalyse divine Wisdom and Love in woman. By way of their true union, Spirit (male) brings forth potential divine blessings, and Matter (female) dispenses them unto all. This is how male and female unite for the common good; He giving the divine Seed and She, the Fruits thereof.

The spiritual male is the provider of divine Purpose and carries the Spirit-Spark to ignite its manifestation in matter. The spiritual female receives the seed into her womb and is able to nurture the Christ-Child (Love) in matter. Together, their union fertilises the prepared and so fertile womb-consciousness or creatrix of the divine Mother who brings forth the offspring: a new creation, born of Love. Male and Female, therefore, combine vision with manifestation, pure divine Intent with the creative Means to manifest the Divine Plan in matter. Thus, in order to re-enter the Kingdom of God man must remember his divine Essence and give that in love to the female, and she, in turn, must open herself to receive the Spirit-Seed and thus provide the creatrix for birthing the Christ-Child.

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