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User search for torrent tracker - geogaddi00 - 01-01-2008

Is there a way to display all posts by specific users- like all posters having their name hot-linked and when you click on it- it displays all of their posts? This can be useful- for tracing posts from people like red_gonzo, ognir etc. etc. There may already be a way for something like this- I am absent-minded. Anyways- just a suggestion! Adios for now,


User search for torrent tracker - blove8. - 01-01-2008

The only way I know is to sort by user by hitting the 'A' at the top of the user column, and then if you want the beginning of 'ognir2' you can click the '25th page' thru 'page 37'. Or red_gonzos are on 'page 39' thru 'page 41'.

I hope this helps.

User search for torrent tracker - geogaddi00 - 01-31-2008

Excellent, blove8- many thanks! That is very useful. I had forgotten about my post here, as I don't frequent the ConCen forums too often. Now I can check out all of your torrents as well- I notice the mathematics posts. Very fascinating... however, math was always my most feared subject/class. I take it that you understand it very well. You must take an interest in Ralph Abraham's recent work?