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The Secret World on display - Hans Olo - 09-06-2009

MMORPGs are ready to get out of Middle Earth and what better company to do it than the one behind Anarchy Online? Funcom, developer of both Age of Conan and the aforementioned Anarchy Online, has set out to make an innovative little treat with The Secret World. Sure, at first it may look like your average reader of's wildest dreams, but the game should prove fun instead of depressing - so the parallels are minimal, if any.

The premise is simple enough: what if all those urban legends, conspiracy theories, and folk tales were true? Well, in The Secret World, rest assured, the farfetched dictates reality and three factions rise up to halt mankind's impending doom.

Consider MMORPG tradition wholly broken and paths previously untrodden now deeply plodded by the galloping boots of change. Instead of employing the typical two faction "us vs. them" system, The Secret World's three faction system promises a slightly more dynamic style of gameplay. Granted, not much is known about whether or not the game will even sport online gaming's greatest achievement, PVP, but with Funcom's track record of including this much needed function, it's certainly a safe assumption.

The factions themselves are surprisingly diverse and not relegated to being as cut and dry as month old beef jerky. The game's three factions include the Dragons, the Illuminati, and the Templars.