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SHROOMS - Nyte - 01-26-2008

ok theres this ranch house commuity right by me

right next to the road theres an empty lot. I went inside and theres 3 connected empty lots where the ranch community use as a dump

Its full of neat and old things(bikes,tvs,fridges you name it) as well as remains of 3 previous farms

theres bathtubs full of grass and moss and theres a section with like bricks of horse/cow crap

Would shrooms grow in these in a few months?

SHROOMS - psilocybin - 01-27-2008

not the ones you want.

SHROOMS - Nyte - 01-27-2008

ya sure?

SHROOMS - mastermg - 01-27-2008

You got to be careful. If any grow (I doubt it), it wouldn't be any good, if anything it will give you a bad headache.

SHROOMS - fjaneson - 01-27-2008

Please make sure you know what you eat. A bad headache is one possibility. Instant death is another.

SHROOMS - careta - 01-28-2008

sorry, cultivating mushrooms is not that easy --> best guide on how to get started

SHROOMS - LeveL - 01-28-2008

Where I live they grow on the cemetery field, another field nearby and a farm type field, thats the white Psilocybin mushrooms. As for Amanita Muscaria you'd have to find the nearest pine tree but I wouldn't touch that shit anyway. If you do make sure its BONE DRY. The small white ones though I used to just eat them "as is".

Nyte, many peeps say those small white ones (there are brown ones too, the distinctive nipple lets you know whats what) only grow where cows shit but its not true, two of the three fields I picked on didn't have cow shit or any animals on them in fact I think one was a football pitch (albeit seldom used with long-ish grass)

You gotta find a field dude.

Hard in Arizona maybe, but you need a field with nice fertile soil and green grass.

SHROOMS - careta - 01-28-2008

If i were you, i would not eat any mushroom found in the wild, unless you have a degree in mycology. You can die from doing that.

The reason that so many mushrooms grow in piles of shit is because there are trillions of spores in the air, and some of them manage to grow there by luck. But commercial mushrooms (and home-grown psylocybin mushrooms) are always grown in a completely sterile environment. That's the most important thing when growing mushrooms - sterility of the growing medium.

SHROOMS - nataraja - 01-31-2008

the method for growing mushrooms is pretty simple