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Marc Emery strikes deal - triplesix - 01-29-2008

For everyone like myself who thought Harper was just going to hand over Emery for life in prison, this comes as good news.

It's kind of old news but I didn't see it on the forum so I figured I'd post it.

Quote:Emery has agreed to serve at least five years in jail in Canada, if it means his two friends facing the same charges can remain free

Vancouver-based marijuana activist Marc Emery says his lawyers have cut a deal with U.S. prosecutors that would see him soon serving a minimum of five years in jail.

Marc Emery, nicknamed the Prince of Pot, said Monday that he has struck a deal with U.S. prosecutors to serve jail time in Canada. In July 2005, U.S. drug enforcement officials asked that Emery be extradited so he could face charges that he, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey distributed millions of cannabis seeds to American customers at an annual profit of $3 million.
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Marc Emery strikes deal - Easy Skanking - 01-30-2008


Marc Emery strikes deal - triplesix - 01-30-2008

You want to talk about bullshit and hypocrasy, I think Emery nails it:
Quote:He said he remains bitter that after paying more than $500,000 in income tax from his business, Canadian officials who knew what he was doing have abandoned him. "The Canadian postal service delivered these seeds for eleven years and knew full well what they were doing and they took my money," he said.
CBC News (1/14/08)

He's just fucked because he knows the DEA will murder his wife by preventing her access to critical life-saving medication, including marijuana, if they incarcerate her.

This is a good man fucked over to no end, and I would expect this from the Bush crime family run USA, but I think it is shameful and illuminating to see the Canadian government actively participating in the prosecution process of someone of whom they felt no moral dilemma towards profiting from.

For fucking shame...

Marc Emery strikes deal - byrd - 02-01-2008

yea, there was a little doc. on TV cpl months ago on this. forget what its called, but certain shit in there seriously made me ill to my stomach.
a fucking DEA office in Van., Ottawa and Montreal? i think it was? what the fuck!?

and to hear these ppl put Emery up there with Angels, Triads, all these criminal organizations,
saying hes just as bad as heroin dealers/importers, etc. pure insanity.

we wouldve had the shit decriminalized here yrs ago if the states and the DEA hadnt stepped
in with their bullshit. telling us how o make our laws. this shit infuriates me.

glad as hell tho that he isnt gonna be handed over to the states, where they can lock him up for a long ass time, for doing basically nothing.