Generous donors, Etch A Sketches, and frilly feline frills

OK so living in a frozen piss soaked box under a train bridge just became much easier thanks to a generous member who made a large ($200) donation. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

I used the money to buy some frilly frills for my frisky feline friends,

and a WiFi enabled Etch A Sketch.

Christmas & The Stench of Stale Hobo Piss

Greetings fellow ConCenners! Merry Christmas!

As you know, I have made ConCen free for everybody since May 2016. That meant I could no longer afford my rent, so I was evicted. I now live in a hobo piss soaked cardboard box, but hey - at least you guys get a free web site!

Happy New Year!

ConCen is now FREE for ALL USERS!!!!

Since it was time again to beg for more money to keep this place running, I decided to rethink paying €40 per month for a virtual server with 2 processors, 35GB storage and 4GB memory. The people @ EuroVPS really like to run a lot of virtual servers on each physical server, making ConCen feel slow. A recent crackdown on tracker abuse (clients sending hundreds of bogus requests per minute) made it a little better, but not much.

Does ConCen feel more responsive?

I recently modified the tracker software to identify IP addresses that were pestering the tracker by sending large amounts of bogus requests. I then set up a mechanism to ban those IP addresses. As a result, the server seems a lot happier, at least from my end.

Let me know if you noticed it feeling a little snappier, please!

ConCen has some great new features


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