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Please Donate! Crisis Situation!

I hate to ask you people for donations like this, but I'm desperate. My father, who was living with me, died last Sunday. Expenses have doubled as a result. Could you please donate if possible? I know it's just after Christmas, but I'm desperate.

Thanks in advance!


I am so sorry for your loss. I just donated a chunk of money, hope that helps...

Thank you so much! You are a big part of why this site is still kicking.

Hope things can move forward for you in the best way possible.

I'm finding the quantity of paperwork to be ridiculous.

I literally have no cash right now or I'd donate.

Many of us are still affected by the fascist lockdown fallout - except the ones who created the crisis, of course.

My deepest condolences. I'm literally down to two eggs and toast for the rest of the month, but I'd really like to donate.

I know how overwhelming it can be. Get someone to help you with the estate/paperwork if able. There is a lot.
I don't have much at the moment, but I sent something.

Thanks for the condolences, advice, and donation. The paperwork is nuts, and it's just starting...

I thank you very very much. The debts are piling up fast though. If you haven't done so, please donate. My financial situation has never been worse.

Maybe a GoFundMe style fundraiser would work, just to show how much more you need...