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CBC The Passionate Eye (2019.03.23) The Truth About Antibiotics

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Imagine if a paper cut could kill you...if a skinned knee could lead to an amputation. Experts believe we could soon have no antibiotics capable of healing us from certain infections. The Truth About Antibiotics meets the patients coping with antibiotic-resistance, and the doctors searching for radical new treatments.

MORE: 5 ways doctors and scientists are fighting antibiotic resistance

As a growing number of bacterial diseases are becoming resistant to antibiotics, scientists are in a race against time to find new ways to fight these infections. Investigating the latest scientific breakthroughs, The Truth About Antibiotics asks why pharmaceutical industries aren’t doing more to avert this health crisis. And, it explores how changing our behaviour might prove crucial in the effort to keep the miracle cure effective.


Antibiotics kill all your beneficial and harmful bacteria in your gut hence creating a graveyard where new parasites, immune to the antibiotic that wiped out the gut colonies in the first place, can establish their territory and flourish. Welcome to shit corporate greed blood thirsty controlled so called modern and most advanced medicine.