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Wannabe Khazar Jew Jesse Waugh aka Steed sings for ConCen (mp3)

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First of all, when uploading, there should be a new Category called Nonsense and Jesse Waugh aka Stein is first on the list

Jesse Waugh aka Stein here on CC, started off with NUKES Don't Exist, I shit you not

Piece of crap, no ball dipshit, always bitching in the background but never does anything but whine and bitch.

Next he joins the Masons and he thinks it's great having them over to do his dirty work.

Now it seems, he wants to a Convert Khazar Jew, well he's tried everything else and lost !

This audio track comes his album, some knucklehead name, however I find some of the words in, describe him to a T


I will not resist the storm
No matter where it comes from
I'll fly away with the wind

That's it Jesse, run the fuck away :wave: