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The Virus and the Vaccine: Contaminated Vaccine, Deadly Cancers and Government Neglect

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Title Page
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1. The Paralyzed President
2. A Nation at War with Polio
3. A Young Man from Pittsburgh
4. The Vaccine that Opened Pandora’s Box
5. Triumph and Disaster
6. Does Anyone Know What’s in This Vaccine?
7. The Virus Discovered
8. “We Were Scared of SV40”
9. “The Worst Thing in the World”
10. Why Not a Safer Vaccine?
11. Everyone Knows SV40 Doesn’t Cause Cancer
12. “A Wild-Assed Idea”
13. Don’t Inflame the Public
14. A Call to Turn Aside the Dogma
15. On the Scientific Map
16. The Perfect War Machine
17. A Study Marred by Strife
18. Wasted Time, Wasted Money
19. No Funding, No Research
20. Alexander’s Tumor
Notes and Sources
Appendix A: Association of SV40 with Human Disease
Appendix B: Correspondence between Bernice Eddy, Joseph Smadel, and Roderick Murray (chapters 6 and 7)
Appendix C: Documents and Articles Concerning the Discovery of SV40 in Salk’s and Sabin’s Vaccines (chapters 8 and 9)
Appendix D: Memos and Correspondence Relating to Multi-Laboratory Study and Carbone-Pass Rapid Access to Intervention Development (RAID) Grant (chapters 17 and 18)