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Vernon Coleman 2021-04-23 I'm Losing Patience with the Zombies

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Vernon Coleman 2021-04-23 I'm Losing Patience with the Zombies.mp3
Vernon Coleman 2021-04-23 I'm Losing Patience with the Zombies.mp4
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English-language subtitles from careful transcription.

Dr Coleman:
"Everywhere I look the lunacy seems to be getting worse."
"We’ve all been advised that we should get rid of dogs and cats..."
"Nothing makes any sense any more. "

"I don’t think the Swedish kid does satisfied. Doris should just buy her a doll
to keep her quiet. ... That should give the kid hours of harmless fun
while the grown-ups can get on with struggling to deal with life’s real problems."

"...the things we must do now to counter the bewilderingly stupid covid-19 fraud"

"...I’m losing patience with the zombies. I now believe that anyone
who wears a mask and takes the vaccine is a treacherous half-wit."

"Share the free (newly updated) PDF mask book, "Proof That Face Masks
Do More Harm than Good" which is available free on ."

"...use cash whenever you can. If your cash is refused, then take your business
elsewhere. A cashless society will lead to enslavement."

"Tell friends and relatives not to allow anyone to bully them
into having the covid-19 vaccine."

"Anyone who still believes the official lies, who wears a mask
and has the jab is a traitor to mankind."

"Remember everything your government has told you
since the beginning of 2020 has been a lie."

"And if you want to know more about the greatest and most wicked hoax in history
please read my latest book 'Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21.' "

"When we have won this war people will look back in astonishment at how freely
millions gave away their freedom and allowed the elderly, the very young, the frail
and the disabled to be tortured and murdered – all in the promotion and pursuit
of a fascist ideology devised by some of the most evil people to have ever lived."