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The Ultimate Evil - Maury Terry - Son of Sam/Manson conspiracy theory

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Some reviews:

We lived in Bismarck, ND at that time and I remember the "goings on" with the cult activities. The cult frequented a park a couple miles from our house where young people gathered at night. My children saw them across the street at the top of the hill in a ritutal around a bonfire. They were scared and came running home. I remember the dead dogs and cattle with no blood in them but otherwise the bodies were healthy. The place they met south of town and close to a Univerity (more young people). You saw them walking with red vests with their Priestly garb and upside down crosses. We also know the young lady killed in Stanford University chapel and her husband (now a Dr in Child Paycology). Maurey covered it well and I can not imagine all the time and energy he has put into the update. Wonderful!! A must read!!

I am from Westchester County, NY where David Berkowitz was captured, so I grew up with a lot of the Son of Sam stories from my parents who were young adults back in '77. I am also aware of the weird occult gatherings that took place in Untermeyer Park in Yonkers,NY. That stuff is fact according to Yonkers P.D. In 1987 my mom read the original hardcover ed. of "Ultimate" while tending bar in Yonkers, and when some of her local regulars learned she was reading it, they told her that there was a lot of weird cult stuff going on up at Untermeyer. Very chilling book, and although I agree with its critics about it being filled with too many "anonymous sources" and no index, which makes Terry's claims outlandish, there is still a lot of evidence that suggests the SOS murders where orchestrated by a larger group. Even the victems' families don't believe in the lone-killer story! I will admit that the whole coast to coast Manson Family/.44/Radin/Perry connection sounds very sensational. Why hasn't Terry interviewed Bill Mentzer (MansonII)? It's not that I don't believe it, but it comes across more as theory than fact. However, between the varying .44 caliber shooter sketches and the case being re-opened in Queens (still open in Yonkers) I am convinced of one thing, Berkowitz did not act alone.


This book really blew my mind on many different levels. The ties to Manson are fascinating and really make sense. The main thing that really blew my mind though was that the police were so eager to make an arrest that they just pinned everything on Berkowitz, even though the facts did not add up whatsoever. I highly recommend this book to any true crime reader.