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TiU Radio 20th July 2008 guest Tony Hmura (mp3)

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The Info Underground
TiU Radio

Sunday 20th July 2008
Hosted by Ognir

Special Guest Anthony Hmura

I am a WW II combat Veteran, having survived 28 bomber missions over Germany. During the war, I witnessed so much needless loss of life, that I returned home determined to get to the bottom of the War Racket.

Soon afterwards, I threw my hat into the political arena, running for U.S. Congress, and working with (then Senator) John F. Kennedy, Benjamin Freedman, Myron Fagan, Colonel Dall (FDR's Son in Law) and some of WW II's top military men, including Captain Eddie Rickenbacker.

Welcome to this archive of my life's experiences- from my upbringing, through WW II, and then on to over 60 years of anti-war activism.

Lets have a look together at the true nature of this so-called War Racket we've been up against for so long. (Certainly for as long as I've been around...that is, for 87 years).

Og & Tony discuss many topics from 911, WW2 and the Financial Systems

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