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Southernprepper One - Survival Tactics for Preppers [pack 1]

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Southernprepper One - Survival Tactics for Preppers [pack 1] Survival, in all types of climates; calls for a thorough knowledge of your ability to live under the most strenuous conditions. The greatest obstacle you will confront in the wilderness is fear of the unknown. Like any problem you face, fear can be overcome with reasoning. First, let us analyze two important words. Survival is "to live, remain alive or in existence". Psychology is "the study of the mental behavioral characteristics of an individual". We are going to learn, "the manner of conducting oneself to remain alive". Remember that many men and women have already undergone such survival experiences and have lived through them. When faced with a survival situation, stop and think the situation over. Size up things and then plan your course of action. There will be the immediate temptation to move off in some direction, and attempt everything at once. This will use up valuable strength and add to your confusion. Regardless of where you are, take time to consider your predicament and the best way out. Remember, you are the key person in your survival situation. Some say it's already too late for prepping now. Do you still breathe? Well, then it's not too late. It's just an excuse for lazy people. Level 1: Why prepping, there's nothing wrong with the system. You preppers are just crazy conspiracy-nuts. Level 2: I guess you were right, but why prepping, it's too late now anyway. The government will take care of me. From level 1 to level 2: From doing nothing to doing nothing - how very convenient. Truly, human beings are the masters of self-deception. ebook pack 1-1 How to Hide Anything.pdf Improvised Radio Jamming Techniques, Paladin Press.pdf Naval SERE Survival Handbook, 1970s.pdf Own the Night.pdf Ragnar Benson - The Survival Retreat.pdf Street Survival Tactics for Armed Encounters.pdf Survival Gardening with Heirlooms.pdf Survival Nursing.pdf The Safe House.pdf US ARMY FM 31-20-5 Special Forces Special Reconnaissance Tactics Techniques Procedures.pdf ebook pack 1-2 Book of Weapons and Assassins.pdf CIA Improvised Sabotage Devices.pdf Fingertip Firepower - All About Pen Guns, Paladin Press.pdf FMX - The Revised Black Book, Paladin Press.pdf Homemade Grenade Launchers by Ragnar Benson.pdf Homemade Silencer by George Hayduke.pdf Improvised Land Mines by David Harber, Paladin Press.pdf Incendiaries by Seymour Lecker, Paladin Press.pdf Ragnar's Ten Best Traps by Ragnar Benson.pdf The Anarchist Arsenal by David Harber, Paladin Press, 1990.pdf The Complete Outdoorsman Handbook.pdf Zip Guns Pipe Guns and Silencers.pdf video pack 1 Long term storage cheese.mp4 Intro to setting up a survival retreat.mp4 A really tall chicken No not really.mp4 How to carry extra ammo using a inexpensive means.mp4 SALUTE Report for the retreat defense.mp4 Long term storage Food.mp4 Combat multipliers for the retreat.mp4 Get home bag with pistols and ammo.mp4 Your dogs during a survival situation.mp4 A upclose look at MREs for emergency food.mp4 Purifying water using many different ways.mp4 Introduction to retreat or community defense.mp4 Retreat security.mp4 Using 2 squads to attack the enemy in a wrol situation.mp4 Encountering problems as you conduct a group or squad attack.mp4 Movement techniques for a WROL group.mp4 Introduction to the ambush Part 1.mp4 Conducting a deliberate offensive attack during a survival situation.mp4 Ambush Part 2.mp4 Scenario 2 -What to do with your dead during a wrol situation.mp4 Scenario 1-Tracking humans in WROL.mp4 Introduction to convoying during wrol.mp4 Other options on squad or group attack.mp4 What is a retreat_ Why do I need one_.mp4 How to organize a survival group.mp4 How the enemy will gather intel by probing your defense.mp4 Should women be part of your community defense_.mp4 Squad or Group attack during WROL.mp4 Thank you to the tactical forum and a shout out to some great channels.mp4 Scenario-The nightmare of wrol is getting worse.mp4 Discussion on Nightmare of WROL.mp4 Scenario4-The nightmare of WROL.mp4 Another option on retreat security problem.mp4 Scenario 4 -The aftermath of the attack on our community.mp4 Retreat security problems during WROL.mp4 Scenario 3 -Another day in the life of our retreat School,Library and the attack.mp4 A fair way to do community tasks_.mp4 Scenario---How does our retreat community prepare for a possible new government_.mp4 How much ammo to stock for WROL.mp4 Discussion of the last 2 scenario videos.mp4 Scenario--Our community takes the good with the bad.mp4 Scenario-Conflicit,Mr Peterson,Ak or AR or better yet more ammo.mp4 Solutions to the wrol nightmare.mp4 Video response to Ironhead41 plan for security during wrol.mp4 How to conduct a combat link up during WROL.mp4 My 7 day wrol food experiment.mp4 Scenario-The aftermath of the wrol shooting.mp4 Rope-My stockpile.mp4 The scenario expands.mp4 Scenario-Deadly Force is used to protect our food.mp4 Scenario-A large cache made from a large oil drum.mp4 How to handle prisoners during a WROL situation.mp4 A isolated back up bug out location.mp4 Southern fun in the snow and my homestead.mp4 My inexpensive chest rig.mp4 Scenario- Contact with a city survivor.mp4 Channel updates,diet and scenario videos.mp4 If you want to survive WROLthis is a must book for you.mp4 My WROL food pantry.mp4 Can your own WROL food at the cannery TOO EASY.mp4 How I would light up my retreat during WROL.mp4 The result of my food experiment and a look at other options in food storage.mp4 Silver_ Another prep you might need for WROL.mp4 Different small tools that would be good if you bugged out in a WROL situation.mp4 Canning at the mormon cannery.mp4 Trip wire alarms for retreat security.mp4 Another fighting position to protect the retreat.mp4 A quick peak at some new arrivals at the homestead.mp4 Wanting to start a prepardness school I need your input.mp4 WROL underground survival bunker.mp4 A homestead and retreat = Hard work.mp4 Scenario--I put the weight of the world on my sons shoulders.mp4 Improvised protection from fallout particles.mp4 A overlooked food prep.mp4 Prepare not panic and fuel storage on the retreat.mp4 How does the typical wall do against a variety of calibers.mp4 My bug out bag.mp4 Do you think the bad guy knows he was shot with a $35 pistol_.mp4 Food storage for troubled times.mp4 How to enter a doorway with a pistol.mp4 Starting firearm self defense training.mp4 The hot side of preppingAdults only.mp4 My thoughts about preparing and a big thank you.mp4 Sustainable food for everyday and a WROL situation.mp4 How to safely dispose of human waste during WROL or a short term emergency.mp4 Dickering and bartering now and in WROL.mp4 Improvised protection from radiation.mp4 Merry Christmas-Future WROL transportation,maybe WROL food.mp4 My NBC bug out bags.mp4 A WROL bug out cabin deep in the woods.mp4 A silent WROL option for eggs.mp4 Scenario-- Birth and death in our WROL community.mp4 Scenario Video--First spring after the crash (WROL).mp4 Supplies VS Skill Sets.mp4 Not a prepping video A personal favor.mp4 Could you feed your chickens without commerical food_.mp4 The beginning of the underground bug out shelter.mp4 Strawberries a trade item for hard times or WROL.mp4 Ohio networking and Ohio meeting.mp4 My take on the local militia.mp4 A prepping meeting and get a networking plan.mp4 Vid Rec to Rooftopeagle,ar15 or ar10.mp4 National Geograhic Special on Prepping.mp4 A update for my channel.mp4 Starting a WROL survival group.mp4 Scenario VideoMedicine,diet and ethnic cleansing.mp4 Old Ham radio equipment.mp4 Sensible Mountain Preparedness Seminar.mp4 Security During a Crisis Part 1.mp4 Security during a crisis Part 2.mp4 Exploding can (Experiment on longer term storage).mp4 A WROL survival exercise.mp4 2 days after a cyber attackAre you ready.mp4 Scenario video- Food and haircuts.mp4 Assigning different jobs to retreat defenders.mp4 Suburban preppers HUGE stockpile of food.mp4 Security during a Crisis Part 3 (last part).mp4 3 suburban prepper families begin thier evaluation of their group.mp4 Progress on the underground house.mp4 Retreat Security-Doors.mp4 Retreat security-Front Gate.mp4 A visit to Carolina Readiness Supply.mp4 Lifestyle not doom and gloomStay the course.mp4 WROL survival group and picking a retreat location.mp4 Stockpiling is good but producing is best for a economic downturn or a WROL situation.mp4 The ultimate WROL bug out cabin with all the bells and whistles.mp4 Metal shipping containers used for a survival retreat.mp4 Deficiencies in supplies and skills that I have.mp4 Using misinformation to protect your retreat or survival group.mp4 Stand tall, and dont fear.mp4 Water for WROL or water to water the flowers.mp4 A antique farm equipment or a EMP proof WROL back saver.mp4 Medical supplies for a survival retreat group.mp4 Prepping and homesteadingLife is great today.mp4 Baby chicks and a shoutout to friends.mp4 Levels of preppingStorm to WROLYou decide how much.mp4 A suppressor in a WROL situationDo they have a place in your arsenal_.mp4 Water for WROL with no pumping or power.mp4 Water for a natural disaster or WROL.mp4 A little old lady broke my heartBad politics means we better prep.mp4 A larger group retreat made from 4 shipping containers.mp4 Make a plan now how to stop large vehicles from your retreat or subdivision.mp4 GreenhouseSomething new for engineer775 and myself.mp4 A RV bug out location in South Carolina.mp4 Homesteading-Fencing over a creek.mp4 Group + connection= Great deal on gear.mp4 Using trees to stop civilian vehicles and tracked vehicles.mp4 Have a secure area at your rural retreat to corral your large livestock.mp4 tags: prepper, survival, warfare, militia, weapons, military, army, emergency
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The greatest obstacle you will confront in the wilderness is fear of the unknown.

If you believe that, you've lost before you started. Probably best you stay at home, crawl up into a ball and sob yourself to sleep - but not before you change your diapers!